Is Depression After Heart Bypass Surgery Normal Or Is It Serious?

by Joe Stevens - Date: 2007-04-16 - Word Count: 464 Share This!

It's been found that depression after heart bypass surgery is not all that uncommon. In fact, it really shouldn't come as a surprise to many people. I know that medical technology is advanced and that bypass surgery is proven to work effectively for thousands of people, but that's not the point. The point is that the patient having this procedure performed is never going to be the same again and they are aware of that fact. It's depressing to feel like "less of a man", "less of a woman" or just plain old.

My father went through quadruple heart bypass surgery back when he was in his early fifties and never completely recovered. Much of it was his own fault though because he never could break his two pack a day smoking habit and passed away two months before his 65th birthday. Dad became very depressed after his heart bypass surgery and I can understand now how difficult it must have been on him.

Many men, like my father was, are strong, outgoing, work outdoors types that are "hands on" in just about everything they do. Dad was always the first one to get his hands dirty if there was something that needed to be done and I think he felt that that part of his life was behind him now that he'd had his bypass surgery. He was wrong, of course, but, as I stated before, I understand, not necessarily agree.

It's extremely important that those who've had heart bypass surgery get back "in the saddle" as soon as possible. They must be allowed a reasonable amount of recovery time of course, but they cannot be allowed to stay off their feet for long. It would be very easy for them to fall into a deep depression if they have too much idle time. They need to have structured activities every day that slowly, but gradually rebuild their confidence, dexterity and self esteem. Only then can this person again become that same person that they used to be, give or take a few dietary restrictions.

It's not only the surgery, but the complete change of lifestyle that can seem completely overwhelming to a heart bypass patient. All of the sudden everything that they've been doing their entire life is changed and they must learn to live differently at an age where most of us are pretty set in our ways.

Thank goodness for the modern technology that has given people with heart problems a second chance at life. They should be thanking God just for the opportunity of having those extra years. Just keep in mind that depression, especially after a serious operation such as heart bypass surgery, can become a serious condition if not monitored and treated accordingly. In other words, please be "patient" with the "patient."

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