Ways Of Domain Name Parking That Earns You A Sweat Free Money

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Have you ever heard the term domain name parking? You thought that only cars can be parked? Then you are absolutely wrong. Ha! Ha! Ha!... that names are parked too…

The first time I came across this term and the fact that a service fee has to be paid sounded crazy to me. I thought that this is a waste of my hard earned dollars.

To be realistic, how can I pay somebody money just to park a name? But knowledge is power, so I was curious to know more about it. I had to spend some hours on the internet searching for valuable websites that explain the whole logic behind it.

Then, all over a sudden the website headline I was just about to click caught my attention. It really intrigued me. You see, the headline read "How to Make Easy Money by Parking Domain Name". I kept my eyes glued on my PC screen, clicking the mouse from one page to another.

So, I can earn money just by doing this? What a sweet sweat free way to make money! That is how I came to change my negative attitude about the whole idea.

Let me ask you a question using a simple plain English language; what is domain name parking? Mmmm…? I will help you on this if you are stuck; this is when you register a name without the intention of providing services such as email and website. It means you are not currently using it. You are just reserving it so that you use it at a later date.

You can park yours either in a monetized or no-monetized way. If you select the monetized way, there will be advertisements on it. Once surfers take action upon these advertisements, then you will pocket the commissions. If you select the non-monetized way, you will not generate any income. Your visitors will be shown an under construction or coming soon message.

I assure you that parking it is inexpensive. As it's parked, it will be generating traffic. You will be required to renew it after it expires just like any other domain names. Apart from earning commissions from advertisements, you can make a good amount of money by selling it at a later date.

How to Park
You might disagree, but hear me about free parking. It is a free parking but not absolutely for free. I will advise you to stay away from free domain name parking.

Paid parking is mainly provided by websites which specialize in parking only. These websites are reputable ones. If you select this option, you will be assured 100% commission generated from ads.

Now that you have a full clue on the ways available, you can go ahead and make sweat free money. But remember to buy only good quality names as they have a good demand.

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