The School Dark Sides

by Sharon White - Date: 2006-12-13 - Word Count: 274 Share This!

It's been often said that school is for students. However, a recent survey reveals that many students dislike or even hate school. What are the reasons for this aversion? Are students just lazy, undisciplined or unfair? The answer to this question seems to be more complicated.

Students usually identify school with teachers. Many of them complain that teachers are unjust, strict, subjective, intolerant, hypocritical or malicious. They often ridicule students or denigrate them. They are also accused of exerting a strong mental pressure on students and suppressing their individuality. A student should only listen, take notes and learn. Many young people feel that they should not be treated as addle heads but as equals who have a right to hold and express their own opinions.

However, not only teachers are to blame. Most students claim that school is no longer a safe and nice place and they all agree that violence is probably the greatest problem school has to cope with these days. Some young people think that the only way to improve their status at school is through aggression. They believe that violence encourages others to respect them as a force to be reckoned with. Therefore many schools, especially the technical ones, are under the control of gangs which intimidate and terrorize the powerless students. The victims of aggression are often the younger or weaker students on whom the older 'fellows' often wreak their rage.

The ways of harassing the victims range from threatening behaviour to inflicting actual body harm on them. The cases of beating up, thrashing with a hose or belt, or even beguiling the intimidated students out of their money are not uncommon.

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