Communication, Talk is Cheap, but Free is Better

by ISLA CAMPBELL - Date: 2008-09-30 - Word Count: 531 Share This!

If you have been to an airport recently its likely you have sat next to or close to someone with a laptop and looked on enviously as he or she appeared to communicate effortlessly with someone. Making your way through the latest best seller seems altogether less fun when you could have been online and in touch with friends, colleagues or loved ones.

Airports are one of a number of places where time can be killed effectively by chatting or catching up with old friends. Rather than being a place where you are uncontactable, airports and other public transport hubs are now viewed as an excellent place to make that call you have always been intending to make, but never got round to.

Keeping in touch has never been easier or more convenient. Service providers are coming up with bigger and better ways for us all to remain in contact. The majority of us have access to laptops and computers as well as other portable devices, thus an online connection and a simple software download is all that is required for a whole new world of communication to present itself to us, wherever we are and whenever we want it.

Technological advances have removed some of the barriers to communication such as distance and time zones. With people and families now scattered across the globe, these advances are a reassuring presence, a reminder that self expression is merely an internet connection away and if you have the urge to say something, you can do so in a matter of minutes.

It is comforting to know that your friend or relative backpacking across the world will not be out of contact for very long or that your hopes are not pinned on some less than cutting edge foreign postal service. Good news, urgent messages or a casual chat can all be enjoyed via free calls made online using an instant messenger service.

These services don't cost a penny and makes light of borders, time zones and continents. Nowhere is off limits, no messages need to wait until tomorrow and no sleep needs to be lost worrying about whether someone is okay. This technology is your friend and silent partner in communication, available always and working to your goals while always within your schedule.

Such services are also perfect when you require an immediate response. Email is fine but not suitable when you need an immediate answer or are keen to get a reaction from someone. Although international phone tariffs have become competitive in recent years, nothing beats a free call and there are no restrictions on call time length with instant messenger software. You can use it as often as you like for as long as you like, meaning your only concerns are whom to contact and what to say - a very nice dilemma to have and one which is certain to be the envy of those around you fumbling for change and searching for a phone box.

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