Whats Up With Soft Soled Baby Shoes

by Susie Cremwald - Date: 2008-10-08 - Word Count: 306 Share This!

For generations the hard soled shoe has been the mainstay footwear for babies. We've all seen kids stumbling around in these uncomfortable looking shoes and heard their screams of resistance as their mothers struggled with them, as that crammed them on their tender little feet. Who can blame the poor kids, because it would be the same as forcing an adult to wear steel toed construction boots all day long.

Ancient Peruvian Cone Heads

The feeling for years was, that just like the ancient Peruvians who tightly bound their infants heads to force an attractive "bullet" shaped skull, it was somehow of some orthopedic benefit. Well surprise surprise, now along comes pediatricians and foot specialists who say that children's feet developed just fine for the last million years on their own and they will do fine today with a soft soled shoe if they must wear a shoe.

Kids Love Em

So, now enlightened parents everywhere are turning to soft soled baby shoes and the struggle for them to put them on their babies feet has also, not surprisingly ended. As an added bonus, these same parents are discovering that todays new soft soled baby shoes come in an ever widening choice of designer styles. Also, all in all, comparatively speaking, soft soled baby shoes in general, tend to be substantially less expensive to purchase than classic hard soled clunkers.

Find Them Cheaper Online

They look fantastic and comfortable. Kids love em, parents love em and they are cheaper to buy. This means that this new changing trend in children's footwear is here to stay. The good news, is that you don't have to go out looking for them in high priced shoe stores. Thats because, to answer the growing demand for soft soled baby shoes, a increasing number of online sources now carry them and besides, they are always cheaper online.

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