Farmville: Get Experience Points Fast

by Rick Blakemore - Date: 2010-02-12 - Word Count: 257 Share This!

Are your Farmville neighbors leveling up faster than you will be? How can somebody who started out playing after you be so far ahead? You need experience points to improve levels, so get much more experience points more quickly.

Okay, that's easy to say. Now how do I do it? One seriously fast way to level up is always to plant berries. Say you will have a 12 x 12 farm. You can acquire 288 experience points each and every four hours by planting strawberries. It will get about twenty minutes every four hours for ploughing, planting and harvesting. Is your boss watching?

An additional technique to achieve Farmville experience points should be to leave as significantly of the farm out there for planting as achievable. Plow the place and get 1 experience point for each and every patch. Plant soybeans and get two extra experience points for each patch. Instantly delete the patches and do it again. It'll cost only 30 coins for every three experience points you obtain.

A fantastic Farmville strategy should be to add neighbors. The more neighbors you might have the more chances you may have to perform at their farms and gain both XPs and coins. You can work at just about every neighbor's farm once a day.

Enhance the area of your farm so you are able to plant much more and more crops. This takes coins and you've been spending coins to obtain experience. It's a tricky balance isn't it? How do you gain experience, coins and cash all at the same time?

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