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by KAREN FAIRHAM - Date: 2008-05-21 - Word Count: 482 Share This!

Most people dream of that day when they will be able to make enough money on online as to become financially independent or find that steady system to make money online that will enable them to quit their day jobs and be their own boss. The truth of it however is that very few are actually making money online instead they end up giving up their money to the few who have fathomed a way to get you to part ways with your money.

There are millions of sources online that will promise to show you the foolproof method which you can use to make money from your kitchen table (does that sound familiar?). Well... you sign up and the story is no different from what you have heard over and over before. Whenever you come across a website that promises to show you how to make money online, but you must sign up first before you even get an idea what it is I can assure you nine out of ten that it is something that you will give up on in a matter of weeks with less money in your pocket.

But that doesn't mean there are no genuine ways that you can honestly generate resources from working online, because there are genuine ways to make money online but you must apply a bit of common sense to try and visualise how realistic and obtainable the program can be. Buy ultimately there must be someone being served one way or the other for you to make money, not those ridiculous claims of just read emails and you can make money. Ask yourself questions like why would someone pay you just to read emails? What's the benefit in it for the person? I assure you that as long as you ask such rational questions before you take action you will save yourself a lot of valuable time and money.

If you are creative you can even find ways of putting your talents or passion to someone's use online and get paid for it. Those are the kind of things personally I look for in online money making programs, that's been able to render a service or provide a product that will actually be of value to someone somewhere.

Be very sceptical when you come across ads that can show you how to make money but tell you nothing till you have signed up. Making money online is possible if you are creative enough and ready to put in some work towards it. But if you are still looking for those plug and play systems I wish you luck in your search and can only leave you with a clear warning to be cautious of such systems.

For possible idea of what you can do as online and offline programs to earn real money see what I am doing myself:

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