A Math Metaphor

by Ernie Fitzpatrick - Date: 2008-04-27 - Word Count: 370 Share This!

I've given up on why 2 + 2 has to equal 4! It's just a mathematical tru-ism. I've also given in as to why and how Mayans and others knew what they did about 2012 thousands of years ago when we're just now scientifically being able to comprehend their logic. But, I'll still not yet get why fundamentalists make the rationalizations that they do.

I'm a mystic- so I assume. But I'm a rational human being as well and there are some things that I just don't get.

Using the words of Bruce Bawer, "If one thinks of mathematics as a metaphor for religion, this is what the mathematics of legalistic Christianity amount to- the simple Orwellian arithemetic of two plus two equals five. To be a legalist, in other words, is to embrace as true a proposition or set of propositions that plainly and directly contradict the facts of observable reality, even though one does not admit the contradiction to others and tries not to admit it even to oneself."

Can say a virgin birth?

Of course the totally irrational comes under the heading that God is God and He can do ANYTHING He wants. That which makes no sesen and flies in teh face or fact or reality comes under the heading of the "mysterious"- which no on really believe! I spent too many years trying to defend the irrational. There is something much greater than us and we need to embrace it.

Yes, I believe in a God of miracles. I just no longer believe that 2 + 2 = 5!

The universe is far more complicated than we can imagine! God is greater than we can imagine. And all of our made-up stories are just that. Metaphors and myths are the glue that hold societies together. But to try and hold on to the consciousness level of humanity of 1-3,000 years ago is suicide: even 250 years ago. God is the God of eternity, but more importantly the Spirit of NOW!

We live in the NOW!

God is not bound by time nor space. And we should not be bound by a consciousness that's thousands of years old, let alone one of our youth. When we were children we thought as children. We're no longer children!

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