Search Sub Engines, The Free Way Forward In 2007

by Mike Collins - Date: 2007-02-26 - Word Count: 794 Share This!

Think about your future and the future of your business online. Are all your marketing efforts going to be in vain or is there really a way to get your site and your products seen that is effective and won't break the bank.

Until recently the only way to really get your products out under the noses of the buying public, short of spending a fortune on promotional tools and pay per click advertisements, was to continually submit your site to the search engines and make your site search engine friendly in the hope that your site will climb the rankings and finally show within the top results.

Recently all this has changed, and the change has arrived in the form of what is being termed, The Search Sub Engine.

What is a search sub engine and how can it help you to increase your traffic and in turn your sales without destroying your advertising budget, and does it really work.

A search sub engine allows you to list your site for a set period between 1 and 28 days and during that time your listing will gradually approach the top search results for your particular search category. This has never been, and probably never will be possible with the standard search engine, so immediately an advantage can be seen with this alternative method, but is it cost effective and will it generate the visits to your site which you can then convert to sales.

The simple answer to that question is yes. If we look at the search sub engine in more detail we can see how it works and why it will be advantagious to your marketing efforts and the all important prospect of more sales for your advertising dollar.

Search sub engines categorize your site in an area which best describes your content and or product. This in turn makes it easier for anyone searching for your product or similar to actually land on your site, unlike standard search engines, where if your listing isn't within the top results the likelihood of your site being discovered is minimal.

You list your site very much like you would list a product on an auction site and there are various tools which allow you to promote your site above those of other users, such as, highlighting your listing, use of bold text and subtitles.

When a visitor searches your listing they are taken to your landing page where you have the opportunity to grab the attention of the visitor and sell the benefits of your site and your product. Included on the landing page is a direct link to your site, so you effectively have two chances to make that all important sale.

When a visitor searches the search sub engine they do so in various different ways, all of which could direct them to your listing. They can search in the conventional way using keywords and phrases, by listing number, category, or your user name, each option allows you that extra important chance to convert the visit to a sale.

Other benefits of the search sub engine are the inclusion of a hit counter on your landing page enabling you to keep track of your unique visits, judge the effectiveness of your sales message and change the message accordingly if the desired results are not being achieved.

Benefits which at first may not be apparent are, the search sub engines do not allow any outside advertising which means, no Adsense, no Adwords, no banners which in turn means no distractions for the visitor. Also to keep everything fair for all, it isn't possible, unlike the search engines, to buy you way to the top, which promises to finally give everyone an equal chance of promoting their wares without the big boys snatching all the prime positions.

Obviously with this being a new system there will be a growth period during which time the system will not be functioning to its optimum level, simply due to the fact that it is new and not presently widely used by the surfing public or site owners. This can be seen as either your opportunity to test for free what promises to be a very effective future marketing tool, or you can dismiss it as just another program that promises but doesn't deliver.

My view is that we should give the search sub engines the benefit of the doubt and take advantage of another marketing tool, and a marketing tool which looks set to become a major weapon in our ever increasing need to rise above the rest of the competition and make some sales.

And, what better time to take advantage of this promotional tool than during its initial growth period when the best deals are always to be had by the well informed and forward thinking site owner.

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