Increase Your Skills Playing A Tavla And Acey-deucey

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If you're a fan of backgammon looking for new and interesting ways to develop your winning skills, then you'll want to check out a great game called Tavla. What better way to increase your speed and strategy than by trying a few backgammon variations? Several popular versions of the game are gaining popularity with backgammon fans. Here we will look at two: Tavla and Acey-deucey.

Tavla, sometimes referred to as Turkish backgammon, offers fans all the excitement of regular backgammon but at an even faster pace. In parts of the Middle East it's called Tawula. You also start the game off in a slightly different way. Each player has fifteen checkers just as he does in backgammon, however only two of these are placed on the board to start a game. The remaining thirteen checkers must be played onto the board by rolling two die. You must get all of your checkers onto the board before you can play the two already there. This creates a race between both players with each trying to be the first to get his checkers into the game to begin moving them toward his home board.

Tavli is often played for fun or for money. It uses slightly different dice to regular backgammon dice and the board is more often placed on one player's knee than on a backgammon table. There is no doubling cube and the speed with which experienced players can play the game is truly something to see.

The second variation of backgammon that you can enjoy is Acey Deucey. This popular variation dates back to the First World War when marines and seamen would challenge each other to Acey-deucy games to while the hours away.

If you like to play backgammon, you're guaranteed to enjoy the challenge this particular variation offers. Acey-ducey players begin a game with fifteen checkers in total but none on the board. This means that you must play all of your checkers into the game. To do so, you must roll a one and a two, which is how the game gets its name. Following this, you can choose a number for a double, and you must move your checkers four times the double.

Bearing off in Acey Deucy is especially difficult because you must roll the exact number that corresponds to each point. If you have a checker occupying your four point, you must roll a four to remove it from the board instead of rolling a five or six. This obviously makes it more difficult to win a game and creates a highly competitive finish.

Like tavla, this version of backgammon is often played for enjoyment rather than gambling. If you're a gambling type, you can still make these games work for you by using them to improve the way you think strategically. Valuable skills can be learned which you can put into practice for real money when you next play regular backgammon. So if you're looking for a new challenge and think you're good enough to incorporate a few new rules into your backgammon experience, why not try these fun and exciting games for yourself?

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