Consideration of the Psychic Profession

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There are many different aspects of the psychic profession. The most satisfying are our contributions to society, which remain valid even in the face of controversy. Other issues include the individual personality, education, and training of the psychic professional. The majority of psychic people are driven by their need to be of service to others in what ever capacity that may be. Many have donated their time and abilities to research and Para psychological studies with the hope that they may find conventional explanations of their talents. Granted, there have been psychics who have harmed their own cause and discredited others when they make excessive claims about their abilities. Without documentation of the psychic performance, they cause others to fail in follow up lines of research.

Acknowledging the fact that there is a global community in support of the psychic profession and devoted to the study of phenomena, of the exploration of the psychic function, there are few discussions regarding the aspects of the psychic professional. In this article I would like to offer some thoughts about some of these issues. My comments will focus on such topics as the accomplishments of our profession, the different varieties of psychics, how it feels to be in the field and why we are in the field.

Our efforts as psychic professionals have contributed to law enforcement agencies, criminal investigations, missing persons, archaeological exploration, medical research, psychology, and many different other fields. The list goes on and on. Such accomplishments serve as a reminder that there is much more to learn about the psychic ability than sciences suggest.

Our history is richly charged with psychic people paving the way for future generations to learn and expand. It was well over a hundred years ago, Daniel Home, a physical medium was tested by the infamous scientist, Sir William Crookes concluding that Daniel Home's abilities were genuine. Daniel Home passed away in 1886 leaving to us a rich legacy of established phenomena.

Gerald Croiset, born in 1909 and died in 1980 gained recognition for his contribution to criminal investigations in 1949. His ability was in psychometry; know today as derma optic perception.

Extending the psychic ability into the musical realms of great composition, medium, Rosemary Brown, born 1916 -passed away in 2001, left us with amazing symphonies of the great masters that will forever please the senses and encourage our possibilities.

In recent times, the psychic profession has contributed much to the development of extra sensory perception, psychokinesis and channeling. Examples of these ideas are presented by those professionals such as John Edwards in channeling messages of deceased loved ones, Jack Houck in presentation of psychokinesis parties throughout the world. There are countless observations of extra sensory perception on record through yearly precognitive predictions by ESP consultants.

It is important to recognize how advanced the psychic profession has come. After all, it was only a couple hundred years ago that anyone that showed their psychic abilities in public would be burned at the stake.

The above-mentioned contributions are but a fraction of all who have given of themselves to the advancement of the psychic profession under extremely difficult conditions. Other disciplines such as medicine, psychology, biology and all the sciences have all kinds of supportive resources of their work. Regardless of whom it is that gains recognition of their work in this field, no one can dispute the fact that we all will enjoy much higher levels of support in our work because of them.

Furthermore, mainstream fields have never faced the serious personal problems that we have faced in our acceptance in the world not for what we do but for what we are and what we have discovered within ourselves as human beings.

The 21st Century allows us to enjoy a greater freedom in our psychic gifts and talents. Our integration into the wider streams of community is addressed without implications to ones psi function but a more openness and understanding of our human characteristics.

We are, in essence, creating a better quality of life for the generations of psychic people that follow us in the actions and contributions of our work today. Through the natural state of telepathic communications, we are connecting; we are committing ourselves to support one and other to make a better world for all.

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Currently Garcia is consulting via her private practice, through which she conducts exclusive readings for her clients, participates in paranormal investigations, teaches, and functions as an advisor for film and television. Garcia also counsels various areas of corporate strategic operations and employee management. Her website, offers a wide range of services and an art gallery featuring her authentic psychic art automatism oil paintings from the 1970's. Her clientele includes celebrities, business executives and law enforcement professionals, as well as private individuals who utilize her psychic information to enrich their lives.

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