The Only Way Out Is Through!

by Mike Marino, Jr. - Date: 2007-02-28 - Word Count: 393 Share This!

My son is autistic and when he was young, he loved to go to haunted houses the week before Halloween. There were many haunted houses open for fun leading up to Halloween night.

We went to a haunted house at a play ground. It was held in the gym. The cost to go through was seventy-five cents. This is one way they raised money for the activities at the playground. Very long lines were outside of the gym to experience the scare.

As we entered the gym there was a maze of very narrow hall ways to negotiate through in pitch darkness. The walls were so close that our shoulders touched each side. Every twelve feet or so we had to turn and go another way. It was very scary because we could not see our hands in front of our face.

I had one hand on my son's shoulder, and one hand feeling the walls as we walked through. All the people in front and all the people walking behind were very scared as were we. We did not know what was going to jump out at us.

The maze lasted for about fifteen minutes of walking up and down. There were very eerie haunted noises in the background. The people behind were holding on to me. My son was holding on the people in front of him.

We finally came to a light at the end of the maze. A very small light focused on a very small sign that read; "The only way out is through!"

When we finally emerged from the maze, we were in the darkened gym. The only way to get out of the darkened gym was to walk over about 100 bodies that were partially buried in mud and Spanish moss on the floor face up.

Their faces had green and black make up. We had to tip toe through all of the bodies with their eyes closed. Everyone was trying to be so careful not to step on the bodies. When we finally made it across through the make believe grave yard we were ushered into a beautiful decorated room with refreshments.

Some times I think that life's experiences are like the haunted house, where the only way out is through!

We are blessed that we made it through hurricane Katrinia and are now back in our beautifully decorated and restored home with refreshments.

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