Fasting Can Help You to Quit Smoking

by Jackie Winn - Date: 2008-09-19 - Word Count: 358 Share This!

An Increasing proportionality of the enormous amount of released "Smoking Cessation" articles and papers appear to have either missed or plainly discounted  the truth divulged here in this write-up, and that is that simple fasting may be an efficacious add-on to your armoury of weapon systems you can use in your war with the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

It is true that the practice of fasting might well embody one of the most adept methods you can employ to help you in your own ongoing campaign to stop smoking. It will virtually for certain strengthen your concentration and also step-up your self determination. An awfully big number of people who smoke plainly feel that they can not quit smoking when in truth they really can be victorious.

Numerous religions and cultures regularly practice fasting on a regular basis, and it's almost without a doubt worth you looking at employing the methods of fasting  as elaborated below if you are attempting to break the smoking habit for good.

To successfully stop smoking you will more than likely want to fast for a period of 72 hours and you ought to fast on carrot juice or water and boiled brown rice for 3 sequential days. If you are on of those people who find fasting to be really difficult discover that you can't manage 72 hours of  straight fastiing then it may be worth tryingto fast for just one day each week for three calendar weeks, or try fasting for three days as close together as you can comfortably achieve. This technique can by tested "as is" or together with any other quit smoking tool of your choosing. The fasting system has operated with a considerable success rate for a lot of individuals who can now proudly call themselves "non smokers",  there is nothing to be lost by trying this technique so please consider at least giving it a trial run.

If you already having any pre-existing medical conditins such as diabetes or any other medical conditions it is always advisable to consult a medical professional prior to trying out this method.

Good luck with your campaign to quit smoking!

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