One Of America's Favorite Diets: Weight Watchers

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For starters, Weight Watchers is easy to follow if you are committed to doing the program. There are now two options for you to choose from. The first one is the flex plan where instead of counting calories, counting fat, or even counting carbs, you are counting points. Each food serving you eat is worth a point based on their fat and dietary fiber amounts. Depending on your weight you will have a set number of points to eat each day. You can still eat your favorite foods as long as you count the points. The flex plan is all about portion control. What is even better is they give you an extra 35 points a week to use however you like. When choosing the right diet program for you needs it is imperative to review the facts and truths.

They have also been doing a no counting plan called the core plan. It is a little more restrictive than the flex plan. The core plan has a food list to follow. These foods are low in energy density and they make you feel more satisfied. These are the only foods you should be eating and you can eat however much you want. The core plans goal is to also teach you about recognizing the signs of when you are full so that you do not over eat. With the core, you still get 35 points a week to use, so you can "cheat" and not feel guilty about it. Choosing the right diet plan is essential to one's health.

The freedom with Weight Watchers is what makes it so appealing to so many people. They are not that restrictive with their food choices as some other diets like Atkins is. Granted the core does have a list of foods to avoid, that plan still gives you the opportunity to indulge if you should ever feel the urge. You will not lose weight as fast as you would though on Atkins or other low carbs diets, but your chances of keeping the weight off is greater on Weight Watchers than a low carb diet.

Weight Watchers also believes in a good support system when losing weight and changing your lifestyle. That is why they offer weekly meetings for their customers. Most people have seen that if they attend meetings they tend to lose 10% more weight than those that go at it alone. The secret to the meetings is that the leaders have all been Weight Watcher dieters and are willing to share their struggles and victories so that everyone knows they are not alone.

Between the freedom to choose what sort of lifestyle you want to live and the excellent support system Weight Watchers offer, it is no wonder they have been around for forty five years. Obtaining a diet report on this information is critical to one's health.

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