The Effects of Cigarette Filters on Smoking Cheap Cigarettes

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The cigarette filter is an important part of the cigarette which absorbs all the moisture, nicotine, tar and other admixtures found in all types of cigarettes. This is because the filter is basically a porous material that is found at the tip of the cigarette that filters the air from the cigarette that passes through the filter before reaching your lungs. The cigarette holder also has a special holder to place a cigar or cigarette.

Cheap discount cigarettes like cheap menthol cigarettes and cheap Winston cigarettes too have a cigarette filter fitted in them. Presently, the most popular filter in the tobacco industry is the cellulose acetate filter which has 5-10% of triacetate glycerol as its connecting link.

With the acetated filters present in most cheap cigarettes, the amount of suspended smoke particles that enter the human organism tends to get reduced. The added benefit of these filters is that it removes some carcinogens, especially nitrosamines with its functioning. The common filters in other cheap cigarettes tend to remove only a part of the suspended particles found in cigarette smoke.

It is possible to increase the efficiency of cigarette smoke filtration of cigarettes by reducing the fiber diameter of the cigarette and also by either increasing the length of the filter or by adding some substances to the fiber of the cigarette filter. Most filters of cheap discount cigarettes have activated carbon as an addition in them.

This is because it helps in selectively removing components from the cigarette smoke. Of late, some researchers have found out that green tea helps in reducing the harmful effects of nicotine in cigarettes. The cultivated green tea leaves that were added to the cigarette filter which helped reduced nicotine intake substantially.

In addition to filtering the cigarette smoke, the cigarette filter also serves its purpose in cooling the temperature of the smoke you inhale. This is because the smallest through holes of cigarettes provides additional air to the smoke you inhale, thus cooling the inhaled air and reducing the amount of harmful substances from smoking.

So when you intend to buy cheap cigarettes online, make it a point to choose some of the discount cigarettes that have filters in them. This helps you enjoy the pleasure of smoking your discount cigarettes. Though most of the cigarettes for sale have filters in them, there are a few brands of cigarettes that come without any filter.

It is usually easy to tell if a discount cigarette has a filter in it as the filter is usually of a different color than the actual cigarette and of course, because of the material used in the filter and the cigarette. Most cheap cigarettes have a yellow colored filter; though there are some cheap discount cigarettes like cheap Marlboro cigarettes that have a white filter.
So the next time you consider buying cheap cigarettes choose the discount cigarettes having a filter in them as they are a sort of a protection against the harmful products of cigarettes.

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