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In my field, the most common questions I'm asked seem to revolve around female orgasms. Men want to know how to help their partners have orgasms. Women want to know why they aren't able to have orgasms with their partners. Couples want to know how they achieve simultaneous or multiple orgasms.

It's not surprising that orgasms are such a popular topic. Anyone who has ever experienced an orgasm knows that they feel wonderful and create a feeling not easily duplicated by anything else, particularly when they are achieved in a loving, committed relationship.

What is surprising is that so little is known about female orgasms. Both men and women come to me with all kinds of misinformation about the subject. Others are completely lacking any kind of information. They don't even know how to get started. Some are disillusioned or frustrated as a result of repeated faked orgasms.

After all this time, I've decided its time to educate more people about female orgasms. That's the entire point of this book. From getting to the bottom of some of these myths to providing you with real techniques you can use in the bedroom (and elsewhere), this book should be a comprehensive guide to the seemingly mysterious world of the female orgasm.

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