How Can I Stop Overeating

by Peter Harris - Date: 2008-11-10 - Word Count: 392 Share This!

Obesity is an epidemic in this country which affects young and old alike.  No one is immune to the threat of obesity.  If you are not careful in how you approach your lifestyle you too can fall victim to this world-wide problem.  Several life-threatening illnesses are associated with obesity.  If you are not overweight already then be careful that you are not overeating your way to becoming obese.

If you have wondered how can you stop overeating you first must explore the reason or reasons that you are overeating.  There may be an underlying emotional cause (a recent breakup, lost a job, low self-esteem, bored, or you just like to eat).  There are many reasons why people overeat.  Explore your reasons truthfully.  Once you identify why you overeat it will be easier to stop.

You may overeat simply because you have tried to lose weight in the past and have failed.  When you haven't achieved your weight loss goals you continue to eat, or eat more than before and you stay at the unhealthy weight you have been at before.  Find your emotional trigger that will truly motivate you to lose weight and stick to your plan.  This another way how you can stop overeating.

Many people overeat because they are bored or inactive.  They try to fill their time or bring some excitement to their lives by eating (and usually eating too much of the wrong kinds of food).  Start exercising daily or find a hobby to fill your time.  Do something that you've always wanted to do but just haven't.  By filling your time with something that interests you your boredom will disappear and you won't have the desire to eat all the time.  Also, active people tend to choose healthier foods to eat because they make them feel better than junk food.

Reducing your stress levels will help you to stop overeating.  Stress forces us to seek comfort.  Food can be very comforting.  Often times we will indulge and overeat simply to release our stress.  Exercise instead.  It's a great stress reducer and it doesn't have any calories!

If you put this all together overeating is usually caused by some emotional trigger in your life.  Anger, unhappiness, lonliness, being unsatisfied, etc.  If you can identify why you overeat you have a much better chance of stopping this bad habit. 

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