Luxury Boat Shows Offer More Than Just Boats

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Luxury boat shows are some of the premier venues that patrons flock to for a great time and great company. Boat shows host more than just boats, some of the guests at the top boat shows include luxury builders, waterside developers, charters, brokers, and interior design representatives. Patrons attend for the boats, services, and equipment on display.

Some of the luxury yacht builders to look for at these luxury boat shows are CRN/Custom Line, Trinity Yachts, and Azimut Benetti. From these builders, visitors to these boat shows are offered a stunning display of what is available from shipyards across the globe that are some of the worlds finest. The relationship between waterfront developers and the charters and brokers are highlighted at boat shows, with an emphasis on the present and a peek into the future.

Azimut Benetti is the worlds largest production network of megayachts. This powerhouse at luxury boat shows turns out 45 boats a year, and of course every single one is incredibly stunning. Their vessels range from 12 meters to 70 meters long. Azimut Benetti is an Italy based company, representing more than 10 percent of the worlds entire production of megayachts. The company is seen at luxury boat shows in many areas all over the world.

Trinity Yachts is an American manufacturer that often can be seen at boat shows. The company is titled as being one of the worlds most elite builders of superyachts. Custom superyachts with European quality and steel constructions are what give this luxury boat show attendee its fame.

CRN/Custom Line is an Italian manufacturer at boat shows that boasts a fleet of almost 120 megayachts and is a long time luxury boat show display company. Constructing their yachts of steel and aluminum, and building fully customized megayachts is what sent CRN as one of the premier world builders of luxury yachts anywhere on the globe. While the fully customizable yachts are manufactured under the name CRN, the smaller, semi custom yachts seen at boat shows are made under the Custom Line name.

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