Our Body Cannot Manufacture Vitamin C

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Vitamin C - a very potent antioxidant which can protect us from harmful free radicals, is not synthesized by our body.

Some mammals like rats, have their own manufacturing plant for Vitamin C. No wonder they can live in dirty places because they have a ready supply of this strong vitamin.

As an Antioxidant

Vitamin C is water soluble and it could stay in the body until it is excreted through the urine as waste. Unlike fat soluble vitamins like vitamin E which can be stored in the fats for later use.

The antioxidant properties of Vitamin C operate in the aqaeous regions of our body. Free radicals which come in contact with Vitamin C are easily neutralized.

Depending on the antioxidant requirements of an individual, a 500 mg intake of Vitamin C can be depleted from 3 to 5 hours or a litle more. That's why you hear experts recommend that you eat fruits on several servings spread throughout the day.

As an immune booster

Our immune system is the first level of defense against harmful foreign invaders. With a weak immune system, our bodies would easily be attacked by harmful invaders.

A friend of mine was once diagnosed to have this thyroidism. Laboratory results showed that her immune system was attacking the T4 cells in her body. The doctor tried to correct the problem by prescribing a
drug to lower the activity of her immune system. Less than 24 hours later, she contracted several diseases. Rashes, tonsillities and high fever manifested.

This just goes to show how important our immune system is. This example demonstrates that harmful microorganisms are always attacking us and our immune system is constantly protecting us.

Vitamin C is required for the proper function of leukocytes as well as raising the production levels of our immune system. Boosting our immune system with Vitamin C can make their functions more efficient.

As a prevention for arthritis

Bodily structures such as bones and cartilages needs a protein called collagen to hold them together and keep them in optimum condition. Vitamin C is a requirement for the synthesis of collagen making it a preventive measure for degenerative diseases like arthritis.

Where can you get Vitamin C?

The best way to get Vitamin C into your body is to eat foods which contain Vitamin C, especially fruits and vegetables. Another way is to take supplements. It's best if the supplements you are taking contains Vitamin C.

Why humans cannot manufacture Vitamin C while other mammals can remains to be a mystery. Scientists have proven with extensive research that Vitamin C is vital to our well being.

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