Internet Relationships2: People Go In The Wrong Directions

by Sam Widle - Date: 2009-10-14 - Word Count: 446 Share This!

With a path so open and available, why don't more people get on it and go where they want to go?

It's probably because of a fork in the road. People are going to go in one of two directions. Their wants and needs or thos of others. Many are so blinded by their personal wants that they give very little thought to filling the needs of others.

Jill knows what she wants from her husband, however what he wants never fully gets throught to her.

The foreman knows he wants those lug bolts tightened as the body frame comes through the assembly line, but what does the one doing the tightening want?

The parents know the way they want their children to grow up, but do they show as much concern for what the children want emotionally, that is?

The salesperson has a strong desire to sell the stove but is almost afraid to ask about the prospect's wants, for fear the product won't fit.

Pete feels that Janes does not love him in the same way he wants to be loved. Mabe it's because Pepe has been blind ot her wants and needs.

The teacher wants the dull, sleepy eyed teen to be more attentive, but what does the gawky young stalk of humanity really want? Has anyone thought about that?

And so it goes. Everyone wants something from someone else yet become frustrated when it's not fothcoming.

Do you know what often happens then? They start applying an upside down version of the rule. They try punishing people and that's just what people don't want, in an effort to get what they want.

The air gets chilly when Jane doesn't get what she wants from Pete. The foreman yells at the lug bolt tightener. The parents scold, and spank and threaten when the children do not fit the mold. The sales person jabbers on desperately when it appears the prospect is lukewarm. "Perhaps Jane will shape up if I make her jealous," Pete reasons. And the teacher threatens, shames, and disciplines, in futile attempts to shake off the teenager's lethargy.

So that's the story of the human being in a highly individualized society. Divorces, splits in families, high job turnover, heavy hearts, wasted cares, crumbled dreams, lonely lives all haunted by ineffective efforts to relate to other people.
This was mentioned in the last article. Find out what people want. Then help them get it. That is the way to reverse most of those distressing situations.

It's another way of describing the rule.Or at least the first part of it, that: To the very degree you give others what they want and need. They in turn will give you what you want.

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