Is Global Resorts Network Right For You?

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Is Global Resorts Network right for you? Let's find out, but first let's talk about vacations in general. So many of us reserve that 1 or 2 week (if you are lucky) vacations way in advance in order to get the best travel deals available at the resorts. This is normally the way we learned from our parents but with the modern bargain programs available today you can even book a vacation within the month you want to travel.

Now that is HOT!

Everyone is heading to their beach vacation resort right now so will you still be able to get a good bargain? The answer is YES!

Let's take a quick look at 2 different options you have to choose from:

Option 1 - Timeshare OwnershipIf you happen to own a timeshare at a resort then you are able to use a week during the year for yourself and your family. Timeshares are generally reserved way in advance to make sure the prime weeks are available. Keep in mind that with a timeshare you are responsible for payments all during the year to cover items such as taxes, insurance, association fees and the normal payment of the time share itself. In addition to the payment of fees there happens to be several different types of ownership from deeded versus right to use, fixed week ownership, floating, rotating, vacation clubs and also points programs. It would be advisable to read all of the fine print to make sure you are choosing the right program for your needs and that of your family.On the positive side - timeshare owner's can rent out their week, give it as a gift, exchange their week in the same resort with another member, exchange their week with other timeshare resorts and also sell it if they choose. Sometimes these options are also limited according to the bylaws of the timeshare. In addition to this it is important to have a timeshare in a popular area should you eventually decide to sell.

Option 2 - Club MembershipAn alternative to timeshare would be a membership program such as the Global Resorts Network's Luxury Resort Membership which has been offered for the past 21 years. Through their network you will have unrestricted access to over 5,000 luxury 4 & 5 star resort destinations around the world. No blackout dates or restricted weeks, you are in complete control...whether you want to go to the beach, ski in the mountains, visit Disney with the kids or just take that relaxing cruise you have wanted to for so long.Some of the best member benefits is that there are no annual dues or fees, no unrestricted weeks and no blackout dates giving you year round access. You will also have your own travel professionals who fulfill you requests including the dates, unit size and number in your family. This allows you the complete freedom and total control to travel when and where you want. Oh and did you know that it is for your lifetime?

Here are a couple examples for your review with different weeks of the year. You will see that some of the dates are very soon and some are during the holidays.

#1 LHVC@Lifestyle Crown Residence Suites, Dominican Republic
Beginning 8/16-8/23 - 1 bedroom - $298

#2Costa Maya Reef Resort, Belize Mexico
Beginning 2/21/09-2/28/09 - 1 Bedroom - $625

#3 Morritt's Tortuga Club, Cayman Islands
Beginning 2/7/09-2/14/09 - 2 Bedrooms - $799

These rates are all you pay for your accommodations for 8 days and 7 nights. How great is that? Are you already thinking about Valentines Day, 2009.

With your choice of where you want to vacation, when you want to vacation, and no black out dates or trading with someone else what more could you want? The Global Resorts Network is a perfect match for you and your family. And don't forget it can be for your lifetime.

Okay what you are much is this going to set me back? Right? Thought so.

Well, there happens to be 2 different memberships available:

1. Gold Membership (3 years) $1,4952.
2. Platinum Membership (Lifetime) $2,995

The final benefit is the option to make additional income, if you choose, by referring others to the travel membership program.

So the choice is between:option #1 of the timeshare ownership with its obligations and expenses oroption #2 with a travel membership with none of the above obligations or expenses through Global Resorts Network.

So ultimately the choice is up to you to decide which program would be more beneficial for your family. We hope that we have given you a couple things to think about that will prove beneficial to you.

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