Determining What The Zodiac Symbols Of Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, And Leo Control

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There are many vedic books on the market today that concentrate on the study of the zodiac symbols and how they affect each individual. There have been many books written on this type of vedic literature that concentrate on the study of the zodiac charts that the zodiac symbols exist under.

The very first symbol of the zodiac chart is Aries. Aries is ruled by the Sun and the gem stone of Ruby, while Aries itself rules the body in particularly the head, brain, and forehead. Individuals born under the sign of Aries are thought to be temperamental, have a sense of self worth, contain an innate nature, often possess an ego, hold great status in society that will be at great social levels, and will often become the victor over their enemies. These individuals are mostly happy, vital, healthy, have great strength or great weakness, and are known to be vigor. Their father's mother and mother's father will have a great influence on them throughout their life.

Taurus is ruled by Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire, while it controls wealth. Taurus rules over the eyes in general, but specifically the right eye, and all organs within the face and neck such as the mouth and tongue. Taurus also controls speech, food, drink, jewels, precious gems and metals, any movable property, ornaments, clothes, vision, quality of face, hair, teeth, jaw, voice, and the spoken and facial expressions. The Taurus also rules over cheerfulness, a creative imagination, self confidence, education, memory, oral expressions, and the maintenance of others. These individuals tend to have a self created parental family.

Gemini is ruled by Mars and Red Coral, while it controls siblings. Gemini rules over deliberate actions, motivations, interests, hobbies, an individuals initiative, sports, pleasures, assistance, servants, neighbors, short-term desires, short trips, short contacts, telephonic contacts, and writing. They also control correspondence, computer skills, strength, valor, courage, stamina, music, dance, drama, actors, dancers, singers, directors, producers, manual skills, initiation into spiritual practices, death of parents, and the cause of an individuals own death. Geminis are often have siblings and are the first born or the youngest. Gemini also rules over the throat, neck shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, and right ear.

Cancer is ruled by the Moon and the Pearl, while it controls relatives, the chest, lungs and heart. Cancer rules over the mind, emotions, heart, happiness, contentment, confidence, belief, close friends, all close family members, mother, well wishers, home, comforts, landed property, houses, gardens, underground treasures, wells, and graves. Cancer also rules over agricultural products such as vehicles, horses, elephants, cows, buffaloes, goats, and sheep. It rules over holy places, moral virtues, devotion, piety, righteous conduct, character, good name and reputation, results in education, end of undertakings, conditions at close of life. These individuals are usually mothers and close to relatives.

Leo is ruled by Jupiter and Yellow Sapphire, while it controls children, the liver, gallbladder, spleen, navel, and kidneys. Leo controls intellect, inclinations of mind, creative, knowledge, research education, knowledge of mantras, tantras and yantras, and spiritual meditation. Leo also rules over talents, judgment, discretion, advice, merits from past lives, devotion, deities, virtues, ruling powers, royalty, authority, fall from position, literary works, amusements, enjoyment, recreation in sports, romance, children, disciples, wealth, and prosperity. These individuals are strong children are are usually the second of the younger siblings.

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