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The Internet and the World Wide Web is being used today in order to deliver marketing messages and attract new customers. There are many methods that are being used to do so; and these may uphold the integrity of the Internet such that this advertising information is not limited by geography or time as such.

What is wanted out of Online Advertising is a good B2C Interaction. What really is required that the merchant can advertise his products online at a good cost along with retaining his customers. This can be done in many ways. But online advertising in its strict sense includes advertisements on search engine result pages, banner ads, social networking advertising, advertising network and e-mail marketing, including e-spam. Therefore, these are the most commonly used methods known for advertising on the Internet as such.

The best way of advertising online is to have the name and company website and have it linked to another, more popular site. This allows people who are linked to that site to have a look at this site.

There are many things a business should know before advertising it online. For instance, knowing the customer base is very important. The age, backgrounds and the other demographics of the customers are an important consideration. This is because one needs to know whom the merchant is targeting and therefore the statistics of the customer base.

Online Advertising is affordable, provides great Return on Investment, and is highly effective. It is one of the best ways by which small businesses can use to compete against a large business, when it comes to advertising. Online advertising therefore, has many benefits.

There is active participation between the consumers and the sellers in the online environment. It is easier to sell and get feedback on the product.

Traditional Advertising doesn't significantly targets the intended audience. However through online advertisement the merchant can comfortably chose a target market. To sum it up, Online Advertisement can achieve marketing objectives and because it is a user friendly tool to implement.

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