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Not only can you use it to search for your favorite games but you can also play them directly online without having to install anything. The results to your search for racing games for free will include all types of interesting free games: free car racing games, free boat racing games, free truck racing games, free dirt bike racing games, free street racing games and many more. Free street racing games are particularly appealing to most players because they permit the player to perform car tricks that defy the laws of physics without risking any injury.

Free street racing games like Tokyo Xtreme Racer, Speed Devils, and Street Racers Syndicate can be played online with your friends or downloaded to your computer. Midnight Club Street Racing is a racing game that takes the player to the world of Midnight Street racing in New York and London.

The player begins the game with a rather slow vehicle and has to defeat other drivers in different races to gain access to better, faster cars. Midnight Club II, a sequel to Midnight Club Street racing, moves the races to Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles and features vehicles that resemble real life cars: the Jersey XS which is modeled after the Dodge Viper, the Victory which is modeled after the Aston Martin Vanquish and the Veloci which is created after the Saleen S7.

Other free street racing games like Street Racing syndicate (SRS) released in 2004 by Namco, make safety a part of the player's goal and a part of his efforts in winning the game. Unlike it is the case with other free street racing games with Street Racers Syndicate speed is not everything, you also have to drive safely or else you may be spending all your winnings from the previous race repairing your car and losing the game. Another difference from other racing games is that the player's most important goal is to gain the affection of different females from the city. In this game you advance to the next level of difficulty when you gain the respect of a female who shows you the way to the next race.

If you want to play racing games for free start a search for free racing games on the Internet and choose your favorite.

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