Vitamin C and Your Face

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Ascorbic Acid, also known as Vitamin C, is listed in many skin care products and is used in eye creams for treating discoloration of the skin associated with aging, pregnancy, and scarring. It helps protect against free radicals by neutralizing them. It can protect against damage from sun exposure but cannot be used as a sun screen by itself. Vitamin C must be present for collagen growth. Applied in cream form, twenty times the amount of vitamin C that is normally found can be provided to the skin. Regular use of products properly formulated with vitamin C can take 5 to 10 years off one's appearance. This is why it is found in some of the better facial creams and serums

In general, Vitamin C must be ground to an extremely fine powder. When you are ready to create your own skin care items remember to blend your Ascorbic Acid just before you are ready to use it . Add ¼ cup of water to half a teaspoon and mix until well dissolved (it takes a few seconds). Apply with cotton wool or similar to skin. Leave on, or rinse if it stings. Applying the proper cream afterward, probably one with Vitamin E, will do the trick.

Another function for topical vitamin C preparations is skin lightening. To this end, vitamins C is often found in creams that also have Kojic Acid, Horse chestnut, or other ingredients used to lift discoloration from the tissues. It is also used in eye creams formulated to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, so think about making a special cream for that area, once you have your main face cream just the way you like it!

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