Law of Attraction - Make It A Habitual Way of Being

by Aldian Prakoso - Date: 2007-05-11 - Word Count: 711 Share This!

"Decide what you want. Believe you can have it. Believe you deserve it and believe it is possible for you. And then close your eyes everyday for several minutes, and visualize having what you already want, feeling the feeling of already having it. Come out of that and focus on what you are grateful for already, and really enjoy it. Then go into your day and release it to the universe and trust that the universe would figure out how to manifest it." ~ Jack Canfield.

You must have realized by now that it is not enough to think about it casually or once a day. To realize your thoughts you have to live your thoughts. Beginning with the morning, when you visualize your day, how you are going to behave, how you will do things, what you will accomplish. Visualize all the events of the day and feel them. Repeat the process throughout the day on several occasions. Live your thoughts. These thoughts will go into the universe and resonate with other like thoughts. They will bounce back and convert themselves into reality.

At night before going to sleep, rewind and go through all the thoughts you have had during the day. There must have been several instances and events which would not have happened according to the plan. Alter these events in your mind and replay as if they had happened the way you would have liked or imagined.

Make it a daily process, until it becomes second nature to you. In fact, you would be living your thoughts, sending off positive energy into the universe. Notice that negative thoughts have no place in the scheme of things. The law of attraction ensures that the universe sends back whatever it receives but in multiples.

Reinforcing your thoughts will send a powerful message to the universe. The frequency will resonate and emanate more positive thoughts till it eventually transforms into reality. The time frame for this transformation may be an instant, weeks or months. But it will happen. The law of attraction ensures that the transformation is realized.

Make you thoughts a part of your daily routine.

Gratitude is such a rare thought nowadays that most of us have forgotten this feeling. But gratitude is a very powerful feeling which has a multiplier effect. And remember, it does not cost anything, doesn't require any resources and is free.

Show gratitude for the things you already have. If you can't think of anything, just think of the people who have even less. "I prayed for shoes, till I saw a man without legs." ~ Anonymous. What kind of thoughts come to your mind when you visualize a man without legs? A feeling of true gratitude. You feel blessed by God. It is not necessary that you have to feel gratitude only in such instances .You can feel gratitude for the small mercies of life.

It used to be a practice in most of the households to thank God before supper. I don't know if the practice is still prevalent today, but it is a powerful thought. Small gestures of gratitude accumulates to form a tremendous force. Together, they have the potential to transform your world.

Gratitude is something one feels for what happens to them. You may get promoted and feel gratitude. But what is truly powerful is thanking in advance for events which are likely to occur in future. By this we send a powerful signal to the universe that we completely believe in what is going to happen in the future. Actually we give thanks as if it has already occurred. This reinforces our belief and the universe responds in a more powerful way.

Thanking in advance is therefore a fine way to let the universe know that you are experiencing the material events before its occurrence. You are in fact forcing nature to create the events and hastening the process. Gratitude likewise is the ultimate feeling which propels the universe to give shape to your thoughts. With a gesture of gratitude you are ensuring safe passage through the process of transformation. You need not search for reasons to feel grateful. Everyday, you can show your gratitude, by simply thanking God or nature during each mealtime and while going to bed.

Feel grateful for everything you have and will have in future.

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