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With modern technology, Mexico can be an attractive base of operations for many people who operate their business over the Internet. With a little planning Mexico can offer a safe but exciting place to work from.

There are several advantages to working from Mexico. The cost of living is lower particularly in the cost of housing. Homes that would cost millions of dollars in the U.S. often rent for less than $900 per month. The pace of life is often slower and for many people the chance to learn a new language and culture has benefits that go beyond any monetary value.

Some types of work lend themselves to working from Mexico better than others. If most of your work involves using the Internet and phone conversations, Mexico may be a good location to work from. Take care to choose a city where you have easy access to the Internet. Most medium sized metro areas in Mexico offer cable and DSL and many times there is more than one cable company to choose from. The cost of Internet is comparable to the cost in the U.S. Generally choosing a cable modem is a better option because the TelMex telephone company operates as a monopoly, so their services are generally difficult to get out of and often have worse service.

For voice communication, you will want to have a voice over IP telephone provider. This can be as simple as using Skype or some other software based telephone service, or as complicated as using a full VoIP based PBX system. Most people will prefer having the convenience of a real phone so services like Vonage are often a good balance. You'll want to get this setup while you are in the U.S. and bring the hardware to Mexico with you.

Learning the language can be difficult, but is a very important part of moving to Mexico. Without understanding Spanish, you will be at a disadvantage and it will generally make everything more expensive for you. Learning Spanish in Mexico is quite a bit different than attempting to learn it in a classroom in the U.S. Before moving to Mexico, it is recommended that you spend at least some time working on the basics of the language. There are many courses available for the computer and as audio CDs to help give you a foundation.

The Rosetta Stone system is a particularly effective way to learn because it focuses on using the language instead of memorizing it. When you are trying to learn the language focus on understanding and communicating more than trying to get everything perfect. You'll learn from your mistakes so don't be afraid to make them. The people of Mexico are usually very happy to have someone attempting to learn their language. Most will do their best to help you out.

When looking for housing, it can be difficult to find a listing of places for rent. Often the places listed with real estate agents and in the newspaper are much more expensive than the places for rent by individuals. Most Mexicans find their homes by word of mouth or by walking around looking for had drawn signs on buildings. This doesn't mean you shouldn't use a real estate agent. Especially when you are new to an area, an agent can help steer you into safe areas.

Mexico can be a wonderful place to work from. You can enjoy the wonderful people and colorful culture while using technology to stay connected with your business back in the United States. With a little planning, this type of setup can give you an ideal setup.

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