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How to choose a domain name? This question arises when you plan to create a new blog or website. It is one of the first steps you should take in order to create your online appearance. If your blog has its own domain name, it looks more professional. Your domain name brands your blog and it represents topic or business of your blog. Mostly it is one of the first things people see before or while visiting your blog, so it is a important but not only factor in the success of your blog.

When choosing a domain name you must think about the future of your website. For this you have to research and read various articles on internet on this topic and make sure to choose the domain name that you really want.

The worst thing is to make a bad decision and after some time thinking to move to a new domain name. This behavior will negatively affect your Search Engine Rankings and all back-linking you have done would become useless. If you wish to register your own domain for your website, we have some handy tips for you. The key points you need to consider are:

Your domain name needs to be...

* Unique
* Catchy
* Easy to remember
* Easy to pronounce
* Hard to misspell
* Short and Simple
* Try to domain

Your domain name needs NOT to be...

* (Don't ) Start or end with a hyphen
* (If Possible don't) Use hyphens, numbers, abbreviations, unnecessary words (e.g. the, and, a....)
* (Don't ) Follow mis-spellings trends (e.g. instead of )
* (Don't) Use a trademark name (e.g, pepsi is a trademark)
* (Don't ) Use Special Characters as Domain names can only use letters, numbers, and dashes. Spaces and symbols are not allowed
* (Don't ) Use Easily confused words ( For '' It's confusing that, Is it 'Shoe Swearing' or 'Shoes Wearing'?)

Keywords Vs Brandable Domains!

We can categories the domain names mainly into two categories:

1. Keyword Based Domains - These domains contain your keyword in them. Having this type of domain is good for a number of reasons.
* Keywords tells quickly to your readers what the blog is about.
* Having keyword in your domain make it easier to rank and get traffic from search engines.
* Keywords are more likely to be used as anchor text when others link to you. Examples of blogs with keyword based domains are, and
2. Brandable Domains - These domains might have some relation to their topic but are much more about creating something memorable that can become an identity in and of itself. These domains are ideal if you want to develop a blog or community for loyal returning readers. Of course these blogs can also do very well in search engines because having keyword in domain is not a single factor to raise your Search Engine Position. Blogs that have these types of domains include, and It is amazing that if you look at Technorati's Top 100 blogs - you'll see that most of them have brandable names and not Keyword based ones.

In Conclusion...

* If you're building a blog and most of your traffic based on one-time incoming links from search engines, then yes, get yourself a keyword rich domain.
* But if you think that you have such content and ideas that people will love your site and your site/blog will become a brand,which will attract loyal readers, people will come back and recommend your site to friends, then a more brandable domain is better.

Thinking of the Future

As i said earlier it's an important factor to consider while choosing domain for your blog, you have to consider what your blog might look like in the future. There are a number of bloggers who start there blog with the the domain which initially match with the topic of the their blog due to narrow topic of that blog but after popularity of blog when they plan to expand scope of there blog by adding some other sub-niches they found that these new sub-niches are not matching with their domain name. From this aspect domain is a good example because it has a advantage to add some other sub-niches in future specially relating to the IT field, which is obviously very vast field.

Domain name research tools

If you do not know what keywords to focus on you can use and, these are two of the best sites that will give you a list of available domains according to your keywords.

Registering your domain name Registering a domain name is a simple process. You can use When you buy a hosting account,which cost $3.45/month, One domain is Free with it.

Hope you would like this article,Thanks.

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