Safety on the Job

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration works to make the workplace a safe and healthy place to be. They provide literature and education to employers to help them make sure their workplace is safe and healthy. OSHA works to lower the number of job related injuries, illnesses and deaths.
For keeping people safe on the job the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is responsible in the United States or OSHA.

A person usually learns about OSHA when they first are employed. Employers issue OSHA training to employees to ensure they understand what they must do in order to stay safe on the job. Such training is usually in the form of training videos and manuals. Such things that are talked about are working with chemicals or other dangerous products, safety gear and ways to safely do the job required.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has been quite successful with making workplaces better for employees. Many of the issues that were present before OSHA was established are no longer a problem. This is proof that OSHA has been quite beneficial to employers and employees across the country.

OSHA has inspector's who enforce their standard's. These inspector's go to job sites to ensure safety and health standards are being met and if violations are found they work with the employer to ensure the standards are met.

This agency was created in 1971 and has succeeded in greatly reducing the number of deaths and injuries at workplaces. They also implement standards by which companies must abide in order to protect the well being of employees.

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