Dream Interpretation of Places in Your Dreams [Part 2]

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In our waking life, we go to places for a reason. We go to the cinema to watch a film (and possibly to hold hands with our date), we go to the park to take the day off and play a ballgame with friends (or ogle good-looking people), we go to the beach to dig our toes in the sand and take a dip in the waters (or again, ogle good-looking people). There is always a reason, one way or another.

In these days of busy lifestyle, few of us waste time going to places where we have no business. Which is why we should be thankful that when we dream, we have the luxury of going to places we have never been before.

And, just as in our waking life, it follows then that the places we go to in our dreams have an underlying meaning as well. Below is part two of dream interpretations of venues you find yourself in during your sleep.

Ordinarily, deserts are barren and lonely places. In a dream, they imply a state of being lost and wanting to arrive home or be found. But the great spaciousness and emptiness of the desert landscape can also be beneficial; it signals a silence and meditation your life may be needing.

Airplanes symbolize flight, freedom, and escape from the mundane. So if you dream of being in an airplane, whether or not you have a fear of heights, it just means you need to face those fears of the unknown and be thankful for their possibilities. If you dream of being the pilot, then this is a good sign: it is an undertaking and journey which you have taken complete control of.

Backyards are fenced-in spaces outside our houses which we don't want neighbors to see, or intruders to trespass. Thus, to dream of sweeping in a backyard, for instance, means you want to cleanse that part of you which you fear is laid bare to the public.

Crossing a bridge means an inevitable transition in your life, a shift in lifestyle, belief, location, relationship, etc. Observe the sturdiness of the bridge, or if it shakes under your weight. Also, look at the water below if it's calm or treacherous, or if it is an abyss instead. All these are signs of your readiness to cross over.

Church are obviously holy places, which in a dream means you are reevaluating your life and want to lead a more spiritual one. Dreams of being inside a church always is a sign of good luck. An alternative interpretation is that you are questioning authority in your life, as churches and religion in general operate on authority.

Kitchens in dreams evoke either hunger, not just for physical nourishment, but spiritual as well. If you dream of yourself cooking in a kitchen, filling the room with a warm, inviting aroma, it just means you are taking an active role in your life.

We all have our personal versions of hell, and it does not necessarily have to be the commonly-thought of underground place with burning sulfur and demons with spears. If you dream of being in a hellish place, you could be feeling guilt from a sin you may have committed, or else, it is a premature punishment you are imposing on yourself, even if you haven't really done anything wrong in the first place. Hell is a place of self-censorship, so take it easy on yourself.

It depends whether you are the one confined in a hospital, or you are only visiting a sick friend. Hospitals in dreams are signs that make us aware of our mortality, and of course, our health. Also, a sense of authority and properness operates inside a hospital (uniforms, schedules, SOP's, dosages, doctor's orders, etc), and your little visit there in your dream implies a confrontation with authority you might be avoiding or looking forward to.

Is it a barren field, or a lush green one? To dream of spacious fields imply a whole world of possibilities and potential for you, as if the ground is all prepared for new plantings. Then again, the saying "the grass is always greener on the other side" can also come into play here.

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