Orange Spv M3100: Simplified Mobile Computing

by Samuel Herrick - Date: 2007-06-20 - Word Count: 319 Share This!

The Orange SPV M3100 is the improved version of the highly popular HTC TyTN. Being next in line after the successful SPV M600, this latest PDA from Orange has included all good features of it and has added many up-to-date tools and cutting edge technologies. The black device with silver trim looks very sleek and is much smaller as well as lighter than the earlier offerings so while you make or receive a call on the Orange SPV M3100, it wont look like a 'big ugly thing' against your ears. It would not be an exaggeration to call the Orange SPV M3100 as one of the topmost PDA available today.

The most important aspect of a Mobile Window device is its usability. The Orange SPV M3100 is more than impressive in that regard. Apart from the call and soft keys on the top panel and a jog wheel for faster navigation between menus, the handheld features a sliding QWERTY keypad. When the keypad is 'pulled out', the 262k coloured TFT screen too changes from portrait mode to landscape, making the Orange SPV M3100 look like a small computer. After all, with Windows Mobile 5.0 as operating system, the PDA is nothing less than a computer.

Connectivity potential of the Orange SPV M3100 is immense. Voice calls apart, this 3G handset could be used for broadband like mobile internet connection. Other technologies for data connectivity include GPRS, EDGE as well as WiFi. Connecting the Orange SPV M3100 with compatible devices locally via Bluetooth, Infrared and USB is fast and easy. You can synchronize your contact list or exchange files. 128 Mb of internal memory is good enough to carry everything that you deem necessary. The PDA even features a 2.0 megapixel camera module for quick imaging and instant sharing.

The Orange SPV M3100 is designed specifically to get your work done instantly, so that you have ample time to play with it.

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