Sex In Relationships: Is It Worth The Wait

by Ron Zvagelsky - Date: 2006-12-01 - Word Count: 371 Share This!

Gone are the days of the conservative approaches, wherein couples would usually just go out, watch a movie, attend parties and gatherings or even just have a quiet meal in nearby restaurants. The trend today has become entirely different. Pre-marital sex has become a common happening that people will engage in despite various warnings. Testimony to this is the growing number of people who have become young parents due to uncontrollable circumstances. Because of this, young people are forced to take on responsibility and a different approach towards life, owing to the fact that what they find themselves into is no laughing matter.

Thus, relationships today require a certain amount of discipline and patience. It is a test for most couples in young relationships to consider the various things they might consider doing and the aftermath of engaging in such. A true test of the strength of a relationship is measured through the waiting time that both individuals are willing to undertake. For most people, especially the males, they use sex as a means of getting immediate satisfaction and tag it as a sign of love from their female counterparts. This is such a lame excuse for measuring how much a woman would love a man, especially if the former would have second thoughts of giving in to the demands of the males. It is only fitting that females want to maintain their virginity to the proper man that will truly deserve them, not only for a temporary moment in their lives.

Hence, waiting for the proper time before engaging in sexual activities should be approached in a mature way. Love is not measured by sexual intercourse, but rather the ability of people to respect the decision of others, especially during doubtful times. A woman can only lose her virginity once. A man who is unable to respect this right is truly not after a true relationship, but rather for personal satisfaction. It is only fitting that sexual intercourse will take place at the time when both parties are sure that they are ready to take on the possible results from such an act. It should not be purely for satisfaction but also being ready for the consequences of engaging in sexual intercourse.

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