Interval Training and Karezza: Male Multiple Orgasms in One Night.

by Jennifer Pulaski - Date: 2006-12-24 - Word Count: 416 Share This!

Women are indeed gifted with the ability to have multiple orgasms. They don't even need to rest in between orgasms. As a man, you are not so fortunate. Not only do you have to rest between orgasms, you may not even have more two orgasms in a night. However, there is one or two things you can do to improve your chances of having multiple orgasm.

1. Interval Training
Interval training is a way you can improve sexual stamina through repetitive masturbation. The process follows a routine such as masturbating twice daily for three weeks, thrice daily for another three weeks, four times daily for yet another three weeks, etc. This kind of sexual training is believed to improve sexual endurance. Each session of masturbation ends in orgasm and ejaculation.

You must realize that we are own experts when it comes to matters of concerning us. What works for someone may not necessarily work for you. You have to experiment to know what is suitable for you. When you make love with a woman, you may find that you can now have multiple orgasms. But do not be disappointed if this routine doesn't work for you. Everyone is different.

2. Karezza
You can teach yourself to remain in extended periods of high sexual arousal without ejaculating. This is known as Karezza. Basically, you condition your body to experience longer peaks of erotic pleasure while keeping back ejaculation.

You can achieve this by masturbating to a state of high sexual arousal. When you are sitting on the brink of ejaculation, you alter the stimulation. You can do this in various ways. One way is to inhale and exhale to drain some of the tension off your muscles. Another is to change hands, alter your fantasy, or change your position. You can also use a combination of these.

When the pressure to ejaculate subsides, ride to the edge again and then back off, as explained. Again, this may not work for everyone. Our bodies are unique. It is mind over body. We have to learn how to nudge our bodies in the right direction. It is a process of conditioning. Continue experimenting until you find what works for you.

Let me sound a note of caution. Before you try any of these techniques, be sure you are healthy and physically fit. It wouldn't do to engage yourself in marathon sex sessions when you are frail or unfit. And please don't replace normal sexual relations with your partner with masturbation. Always maintain balance in your sex life.

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