Establishing the Right Tone

by Colleen Davis - Date: 2008-11-26 - Word Count: 470 Share This!

Ever picked up a piece of advertising, maybe a postcard, and seen in massive letters across the front of it something that just sounds so incredibly excited you can't really believe it anymore? It's like commercials where the announcers have these giant smiles on their face and they look so exaggeratedly happy you stop believing anything they say. You can just feel that they're only goal is to sell you something, and everything else is fake.

Why do companies engage in tactics like this? Why do they go for the over the top excitement when getting postcard printing done or when sending out any other advertisement? The reason is because the ad has to sound excited if you want people to get excited as well. Excitement has a way of transferring over to other people if you get the tone just right, and can encourage more people to give you a chance or check out your store.

But you still have to find that right tone, and pure excitement isn't always going to be the way to go. You'll often have to pull back and really look at what you're doing rather than just latching onto the most excited sounding thing that you can.

Part of what is going to affect the way people feel towards you postcards would be the type of font you use, the colors you use, and even the size of the words. Larger words imply a louder voice, just like when words are all in capitals it also implies that the words are meant to be a shout.

I have indeed picked up color postcards before where I could almost hear the thing screaming at me the words were so big and the coloring was so bright. It felt like something aimed at a little child, where the company must've just assumed if they got excited enough I would have interest in them.

I will admit I did pick up the postcard to look at it, which is one of the more difficult aspects of postcards printing to achieve. But what good is looking at it if I only shake my head before throwing it in the trash?

Make your advertising both exciting and honest at the same time. Figure out the right techniques to look excited, but then also give people a good reason to be excited. Big sales are a good reason, because you can boost up just how much money the person can save, which will help them take more interest in your words, and make them feel the energy you're putting into the ad.

There is a balance you can strike, and the more you know about your customers the easier it will be to find it. Get me excited without having to scream at me to do so.

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