What NOT To Feed Your Baby

by Brooke Schuman - Date: 2007-01-23 - Word Count: 510 Share This!

In this world we live in, we are so busy that buying food and microwaving it, is much easier than slaving over a hot stove for a couple hours especially when we don't have time. We barely have time to think, none the less cook. But not everything out there is healthy for baby. Many manufactured foods have chemicals, nitrates, and some fruits and vegetables can have potentially dangerous pesticides, or can be contaminated. So use caution, and when baby starts eating solids follow these basic rules when preparing baby's food.

-On the news, there is a story every now and then about contaminated food. Ex. A month or so ago we had an eccoli scare with spinach and bagged lettuce. Obviously you wouldn't buy these fruits and vegetables, but feeding these foods to baby could cause serious illness or even death. So avoid these foods at all costs until they are deemed safe by the FDA, for you and your baby's health.

-Don't give baby tap water. Use filtered water or bottled water, or boil babies water before letting baby drink it. Tap water can have lead, and other hazardous materials that in high doses can be potentially dangerous to baby. It's better not to chance it, if you don't have to.

-Don't let baby eat raw fish, it can have parasites or bacteria that baby's digestive system can't handle, potentially causing serious illness.

-Avoid imitation foods or fruit drinks that contain too many chemicals and unneeded sugars.

-Avoid caffeine in foods like chocolate, and drinks like coffee, tea, soda pop, and cocoa. Caffeine can make baby shaky or jittery, and worse it can take away from the absorption of much needed calcium.

-Don't give baby cured meats, bacon, bologna, or hot dogs, these meats are high in fat and cholesterol, as well as nitrates that are unhealthy for baby. Every now and then isn't so bad, but you should try and stay away from these foods as much as possible.

-Try to stay away from artificial sweeteners, some may be safe but some have been proven to cause cancer. Stay away from artificial juices, some contain artificial sweeteners. Try to buy juices that have no added sugars.

-Peel fruits and vegetables, always wash ones you can't peel such as broccoli and wash well under warm water with mild detergent.

-Only give baby meats from animals that have been fed without chemicals and antibiotics.

-Cook with oil or margarine, instead of butter as it is much better for babies heart. Animal fat is okay to give baby in milk and formula, but don't over do it with butter and high fat foods.

Remember that these are just some of the things that you shouldn't feed your baby. As always use common sense when feeding your child. For further information on what not to feed your child, contact your health care professional. Stick to a variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as natural meats and foods. Remember to follow these tips and you and your baby will stay happy and healthy. After all we all want what's best for baby.

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