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Sports management agencies are responsible for some of our country's top sporting talent. It is vital to them that these people are transported safely, securely and on time for both sporting events and personal appearances.

Sports management teams take care of all their clients needs - whether it's personal or private travel. Chartering aircraft rather than using scheduled airlines makes complete sense. John, a client manager for a well known sports management agency has been involved with chartering aircraft for his clients over a number of years.

The very first time I chartered a jet was for one of Europe's top golfers. He plays around 25 European tournaments each year nowadays with a typical tournament week beginning with the flight out on Tuesday and the competition from Thursday to Sunday. If we had to use scheduled airlines, it would mean an early start on Tuesday and then a late return back home on Sunday. But by travelling with a chartered jet, the player gets more time at home with his family.

We also have occasions when we need to move clients around Europe to take part in TV adverts. For example, we recently chartered an aircraft with V-One to take a football start to Milan for a TV ad. He had a two hour flight to Milan, then the ad shoot, and then returned back to the UK. This meant there would be no detrimental affect on his morning training session. This is something you can only do this using a chartered jet.

We use V-One for a variety of reasons but the most important to our agency are discretion, reliability and safety.

When it comes to safety V-One recommended that we never fly in a single engined aircraft, because two engines are better than one. The privacy and security of these VIPs, who are all in the public eye, is just as important to V-One as it is to us. V-One provides a non-disclosure agreement that protects everybody and they go to extraordinary lengths to protect the privacy of all their VIP clients.

Many of our clients charter aircraft and helicopters to fly themselves and their family for private holiday trips, something that we generally organise. Chartered aircraft is by far the easiest way for them to travel sometimes, cutting down on the time they have to spend in the airport and knowing that that are truly secure and safe on the trip.

So for John and his colleagues, there is no better way of ensuring the safe arrival of our biggest sporting stars than using V-One to charter aircraft for their clients on a regular basis.


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