How to keep Visitors on your Websites?

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If your Website is looking very attractive its very good but only looking attractive is not sufficient to make visitors to your site. I do not mean that a beautiful site is not going to attract visitors but main thing is what kind of services and facilities you are providing to your visitors. Because they were looking for your product or service and what the site says?

You must know what your visitors are interested in before you start to create content for your newly built website.The more your content matches what they are searching for, the more happy visitors you will have. Happy visitors buy more easily and gladly recommend your website to their friends.

There are the following things kept in your mind to attract the visitors:

It loads rapidly
Slow loading of websites is the biggest problem on internet. Your  web site should be all about load speed. Building your website for the widest possible reach means your website has to be blazing fast. Pages have to load nearly instantaneous even on slow modems.The best way to make your site fast-loading is to use more text and fewer graphic. 

Take out any graphic that does not add to the user experience.
Source code weight is another source of extra load time.
To make sure your website loads fast, view your site with slow connections. If it doesn't load in 10 seconds, reduce the number and the size of graphics.

Good Navigation
Navigation works in the same way aisles in a supermarket do. They take you to the stuff you want to buy. But sometimes the signs above the aisles do not make it clear where the stuff you want could be. This is why it is so important to create good navigation on your web site. Remember not everyone enters your website from the home page, especially if they find your site through search engines. So make sure each page should have a title so they always know where they are at, and a link to the most important pages of your website.

Use Descriptive Words
Use descriptive words as for as possible in your site because the way you sell speaks volumes about you; therefore send a message that says: My product or service will enhance your life, fill a need and make things better for you and I can prove it. How is that achieved? By making sure that you not only write descriptive words but demonstrate benefits.

Use Text easier to read
The fonts that work best in print are serif fonts (e.g. Times New Roman). Serif fonts are extremely detailed fonts that do not read well on screen because of low resolution. Most printed material, however, is using mostly serif fonts because it is very readable on paper.You too have probably found it more difficult to read a web page written in Times New Roman than in Verdana or Arial . Using the same font size throughout your text proves not only monotonous but discourages users from reading the entire page. How to make your text attractive to read? Make sure to use different sizes and colors for headings, subheadings and paragraphs proves and give plenty of space in between.

Use Suitable Background colors
Black text on white background works best on websites. We are used to read black text on white paper and the screen is simply a different kind of paper. Avoid to create your own custom graphics to use as background. Your visitors will find text on a background with patterns difficult to read.If an image must be used as background it should not disrupt reading. Make sure the text color contrasts well enough to be easily read. If your text is white, for example, make your background image dark.

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