How to Find Your Special Life Purpose

by Ronda LaRue - Date: 2007-02-10 - Word Count: 615 Share This!

The following three questions are keys to awakening. Why awakening? Because the more we dare to be truly conscious (be awake) the more we are freely able to live from our true genius and enjoy the magnificent artistry of our special living purpose.

A portal is a point of entry. I offer here 3 keys to finding our way and coming to know the deeper meaning and purpose of our life experiences.

And that purpose?

Well come and see for yourself if you feel a tug of the heart.

These three questions are not something to ask lightly or to ask from the mind. When asked in earnest and from the heart, they open doorways into the inner realms of insight, intuition, and soulful purpose. These portals can take you into the sacred territory that the mystical guides and sages throughout the ages and across all religions have called "awakening, radical transformation, born anew, enlightenment." I use different words, and describe this inner awakening in my first book as, remembering who you really are, or, the journey of awakening to soul.

Simple though they may initially seem, these questions, if deeply engaged, are the gatekeepers to the vast terrain of inner awakening. If you ask these three questions - really live with them; if you let them dwell in you as you go about your daily activities, you will start to notice something quite profound starting to happen in your life.

Here are the three soul questions:

To what is your life consecrated? What is your Soul's purpose?

What really matters?

Inquiring into these questions is what I call living prayer. It is the focusing of your conscious attention on matters concerning the depths of existence; on what it means to be alive; on what ultimately matters. When these kinds of questions are asked and deeply engaged, then you have reached into the arena of creative manifestation. A call to know your deepest purpose sends out a message to a conscious universe; it reverberates through the stillness of creation where all things that are manifest, life first as raw potential. These existential questions open your life to reveal what it means to be radically alive...and what it means not to be. If followed with care and vigilance, these are great teachers. They will lead you through the corridors of self healing, insight and integration. They will show you how to live your very unique genius within this universal and holy dance called living.

Often we try to get. We try to get IT, get God, get understanding, get our freedom, and get love. Getting is the wrong approach. That is why spiritual practices, techniques and methods are so often misused and under-empowered. With these three questions, we are called to something far more alive and vibrant than the mind/ego need to get, have, manufacture and use.

The doorway to remembering who we really are; the doorway to finding what truly matters, to living our soul's purpose, requires a fundamental shift in perception. We are called by this soul quest to re-attune our MO from the consumer-mind to the adventurous-heart. We are called to learn the language of soul; to know the music of Life and God, Love and Freedom. We are called to re-member the artistry of living. A verb, not a noun is our aliveness. Living is movement, unconditional, free, and whole in itself.

When we ask the living questions, we enter through the doorway of a sacred quest. Here as we consciously live the quest, we find out who we really are, and we shine in the radiant love affair with this holy dance, called Life.

The doorway to Love is always open to the heart that asks and the eye that seeks. These are two keys.

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About the Author:

Ronda LaRue is an emerging spiritual author/mentor living in Ojai, California, USA. Ronda works from a novel and contemporary approach to the ancient tradition of one-on-one sacred apprenticeship for facilitating radical transformation, healing wholeness, and direct Self-Realization.

Her book "Remembering Who You Really Are" is a contemporary classic on the journey to true self Realization and Wholeness (available from See more about her private retreat programs at or order her book at

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