The Different Types of Wooden Windows Available

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Deciding on the right type of windows can be challenging at times. This is because there are many types of windows available in the market. They are made from different materials, and can come in many different designs. The type of materials that you choose for your windows, and the design that you eventually settle on depends very much on your personal preferences. If you are hoping to achieve a more traditionalist style, perhaps wooden windows will be most ideal. Even then, there are different types of wooden windows to choose from.

Softwood windows.

There are several different types of softwood. Some examples of softwood are pine, cedar, spruce, hemlock and yew. Notice that some softwood like cedar may appear to have hard surfaces, but they are actually a type of softwood.

Softwood is easier to work with, and has been widely used to construct windows. However, compared to hardwood, it is less durable, and is more vulnerable to wear and tear. This is because the basic internal structure of softwood is different from that of hardwood. Hardwood has internal vessels that help to transport water for the tree. Softwood does not have such vessels. Water is transported through the tracheids only. When viewing the cross section, pores are visible on hardwood, and not softwood.

Hardwood windows.

Hardwood includes many different types of wood. Some examples of hardwood are mahogany, cherry, oak, maple and beech. Hardwood is harder to work with compared to softwood. For this reason, most hardwood windows come with simple designs. It is possible to incorporate complex designs for hardwood windows, but more skills and experience is required to craft out the designs.

Windows made from hardwood are much more durable compared to softwood. With a simple finish, hardwood windows can last for years. They are very easy to maintain. Simply wipe off the excess dirt and grime with a damp cloth on a regular basis to keep the window frames clean. Hardwood windows also do not dent easily from accidental knocks. As a result, it is easier to preserve the exterior surface of hardwood windows.

Different types of designs.

For both hardwood and softwood windows, they may come in a wide variety of designs. But bear in mind that wooden windows are most commonly seen in houses with traditional (or even ancient) designs. That is because man has been making windows from wood since ancient times. All the ancient buildings have wooden windows installed in them. Many of these windows have lasted till the present day. That is evidence of the durability of hardwood windows.

As a homeowner, you will have to decide on the design of your wooden windows. You can choose to have a classic design, an European age design, or an ancient design. Choosing the right design will help enhance the overall look of your home. So choose carefully.

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