Baby Shower Cards for Baby Shower Party

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Baby Shower Cards for Special Baby Shower Party Celebrations!

Celebrating the arrival of a new baby is a great reason to throw a party. If you've decided to host a party for a mother-to-be, then here are some answers to questions you have about those unique baby shower cards you'll want to get in the mail to invite your guests as soon as possible.

When Should I Start Sending Baby Invitation Card?

Generally, regular baby showers should be held one to two months before the expected due date of the baby. That's for two reasons. One reason is that you want to avoid planning this fabulous party only to have the baby arrive early and keep the mom in the hospital instead of at the celebration. Another reason is that you don't want to have the shower too early because knowing the sex of the baby can be helpful for choosing themes and for buying presents. After you've set an appropriate date for the celebration, you should send the baby shower greetings out two to three weeks prior to the date so guests will have time to schedule their attendance and to RSVP.

How Many Baby Shower Cards Invitation Do I Need?

The number of baby shower invitation cards you should buy depends on the guest list. That's a whole different question. Your guest list should include grandparents, relatives from both sides of the family, friends of both parents and possibly even co-workers. You may want to check around and see if any of the other people already have plans to throw another party for the baby. It's not unusual for co-workers or for in-laws to send out their own cards for baby showers. You can still throw your own celebration but you don't want to have duplicates on the guest list.

Once you've set up your guest list, you should purchase enough baby shower greetings cards for each person listed, plus a couple of extras in case you make mistakes in addressing the cards and so the parents-to-be can keep one for the baby book.

Should I Include Gift Registry Information on the Baby Shower Card?

This is an important question and is one of the most common ones asked but the answer is simple. No, you should not include gift registry information on the personalized baby shower cards. Doing so makes it seem as if you only want people to come to the party because you want their gifts. That's not a good message to send. You should, however, know the gift registry information so that if one of the guests contacts you to ask what to buy you'll have the information to pass on.

What Information Needs to be Included on the Baby Cards?

Now that you know what to not to add to the invitations, you should learn what to include. Make sure you include the name of the parents, the location and date of the party, and contact numbers for additional information and for responding on the printed baby shower cards.


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