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Gafana is a premium full-featured email solution providing spam-free email service to companies of all sizes. Launched in January of 2004, Gafana has grown to an industry leader in the fight against spam, email viruses, and inefficient business email services. Already protecting the inboxes of thousands accounts, we now ask you to forget safety, security and convenience - this will change the way you live your life. Sounds crazy right? That is because this has never been done before. Gafana has developed and integrated leading-edge technology that is so easy to use, it's hard to believe.

How Does Gafana Do It?
The concept is simple: Every email that passed through Gafana is subjected to a series of rigorous tests and analysis. Each email is given a rating and based on this rating, Gafana determines how to handle each email. Integrating several different technologies in a custom-developed environment where everything works together harmoniously, Gafana is able to block the junk while good emails pass through effortlessly. Users have full control over how Gafana manages the protection of their inbox. With our pre-defined settings, getting setup is a quick and painless effort. You can also save time by consolidating multiple email accounts into one Gafana account - this includes any Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, or POP3 email accounts.

The Perfect Solution for Businesses
Gafana has been protecting thousands of inboxes since 2004. Our new business solution is based on the same proven platform yet improved and simplified for businesses who need to manage anywhere from 5 to 5,000 email accounts. Implementing Gafana's business spam protection system is actually easier than for personal users - a simple change of your MX record and your set.

An Industry Leader
Gafana is an industry leader in the fight against email spam, viruses, phishing, and other similar security threats. However, spam is not just a security threat but also a complete waste of money. Some studies have shown that the average web-based business employee spends around 30-60 minutes per day going through junk email. This is wasted time and money. Gafana's full-featured business anti-spam solution guarantees an end to spam, email viruses, unwanted junk, and an end to wasted time and money.

Going Above and Beyond Email
This is something that Gafana has been doing since 2004. Click a few buttons and Gafana will send you an alert or reminder of an event via email, text message, or even a phone call! Automatic email archiving is included with all business accounts so even if the corporate office burned down, the company would not lose a single email - they are all backed up in archives at Gafana and can easily be restored to get everyone back right where they left off. If you have ever had a problem with keeping your address book up-to-date, Gafana has a system to automatically get the latest information from your contacts. With a few clicks, you can send out update requests to all of your contacts asking them to review their information and update it themselves if needed.

World Class Service and Support
Gafana's technology is backed by the best online support in the business. Our online support team is always available to help clients get started, answer any questions, and help configure your new account. To ensure our customers are taken care of, we provide telephone support, email support, trouble ticketing, an extensive knowledgebase, and even remote-PC support where we can connect to computers remotely to help get users started or troubleshoot any problems. Gafana's product is great, but many have said our service is even better.

About the Company
With its headquarters in Southern California and a satellite office in Kharkov, Ukraine, Gafana is a strong company built from the ground up with long-term success in mind. A house built on sand can never be a home to pass down; a solid foundation is the key to longevity and success. For Gafana, in order to reach our goals, we have partnered with several top-tier high-performance enterprise-equipment manufacturers. This was the only way we could be sure our infrastructure would be capable and reliable from the start of the first day to the top of Forbes 500.

What Others Are Saying
"Gafana is the BEST thing that has happened in my LIFE (at least my internet-life) in ages. I am the Vice President & Marketing Director for RE/MAX Lifestyles. I have asked our technology department to demo your email tool to our office of agents. Everyone of them NEED to see it in action. Too cool. Congratulations, finally… an elegant solution that actually works- and works the way we need it to. No manual required."

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