Cheap Property for Sale - How to Make a Killing & Keep Risk Low

by Sacha Tarkovsky - Date: 2007-02-03 - Word Count: 485 Share This!

Many people want to make money from cheap property for sale but most lose because they make basic errors.

Here we will give you some simple tips to make money from cheap property for sale with low risk.

Here are 5 simple tips that will help you make some big gains of 30 - 100% per annum with low risk.

1. Look overseas

With interest rates high in the developed countries, profit potential is low, so look overseas at the dynamic expanding economies.

You will get even cheaper property for sale, however you will have the opportunity to get bigger rewards with lower risk which is the combination all real estate investors like.

You do however have to be careful of location.

2. Buy an existing trend

Well, there is one location that has been producing fantastic gains of 30 - 100% per annum, the risk is low and the trend looks like it will continue.

It's Costa Rica and this fact shows you the potential.

A property bought near the popular resort of Jaco just 15 years ago for $30,000, is worth in excess of $750,000 today.

Will these gains continue?

The answer is, yes.

Because beach front property is up to 70% less than in the US and foreign investors are buying real estate in increasing numbers.

This will see gains continue with low risk and even better, not only can you get an appreciating asset you can make regular income from the booming rental market as well.

3. Don't buy cheap for the sake of it

Many investors buy cheap property simply because it's cheap and they feel it must rise in value - This is NOT true.

Cheap property for sale is cheap for a reason and can of course get cheaper.

There is plenty of cheap property in Haiti, but don't think I Will be buying!

Even in the best locations you need to buy in areas near the infrastructure or expanding urban areas to make big gains.

Sure it's a bit more expensive, but you need to balance the cost to reward

4. Look at your safety

When buying cheap property for sale look at the stability of the country and the protection you receive.

In our example of Costa Rica given earlier, buying is easy; you get tax advantages, the same rights as residents and its one of the safest counties in the world.

There is no point in buying cheap property for sale if you are not protected.

5. Think before you act

Act on the facts and think for yourself.

Don't just assume property will rise in value - Look for solid reasons why and act on them.

By all means take advice but be careful not to be taken in by the hype sales talk or a pushy salesman.

Go with your own thoughts and you could soon be making big money by buying cheap property for sale and selling it with a huge profit.

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