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Are you wondering how to take the decisions on your favour in a group, or individual? It is simple by WIn Win relation.


Let me highlight what Win Win Relation actually meant. It is a phrase which provides with lots of positiveness in the work culture and rapport building. In short it is a proper and logical justification, where the opponent is convinced for your highlighted points. To understand simple, take the day to day example.


Take the story of Father who loves his kids and want them to be loyal in life. One day, when his duaghter wanted to go for late night party asked his permission. Father astonished, as she is just 12 year old and worried about her safety. Father doesnt wanted to hurt her duaghter by objecting her not attending late night party. So said that she would be back before 10pm. Duaghter disagreed for the same and started influencing. To avoid her unhappiness and his worry of her safety, Father took decision that he would pick her up by 11pm from the party. This made duaghter jump happily and be back home in time. Father could also guaranteed about her safety.


Is'nt father supported her duaghter and gave her space to enjoy and made sure that she is back home safe.


The Initiation of primary ideas in business to get implemented will take the part of convincing the management with facts and figures in the interest of business. Logically it needs the subject which of present problems which can promote their product, solve the problem, Luanching new products, increasing market share, Keeping the interest of shareholders, maitaning stakeholders profitability etc.


The above example has given a gist how you could convince the opponent and get the work by hook or crook on your way.

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