Luggage Market at Orient Estates Mall - Luggage in Hyderabad

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The Scene...


Nestled in between the Abids police station and Metro Shoes is the entrance to the Orient Estates Mall. The sight as you enter reminds you of a busy airport baggage scanning line as all bags of different sizes, shapes and colors are arranged for display. There are bags on the ground, some hanging on the walls and others positioned in different ways in the showcases.


One of the older malls of Hyderabad, it began with various businesses initially but later on became a specialty luggage market. This could possibly also be because of its proximity to stores like Haji Kurban and Sons and Kathiawar that were known for their luggage stock in earlier times. Orient Estates Mall also houses one of the largest stationery and school supplies store in the city, The Deccan Pen Store.


The Stock...


Here you will find all the popular brands and types of baggage and luggage (except probably Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren). Some of the popular brands have their exclusive stores here. This includes Samsonite, American Tourister, Delsey, VIP, Polo US (not made in the US), Eminent and other local brands. Most stores do sell American Tourister but Delsey is sold only at one store. Surprisingly, you might get Samsonite (bags only; not the complete range) luggage cheaper here than at their exclusive showrooms around the city. VIP seems to have most promotional offers going on all the time.


The Mood...


As you walk into any store here and start looking for bags one of the first questions of the salesmen asks is about the purpose of travel abroad. Don't worry. They are not prying. They are just gauging the size of the bag that you will need to carry. Besides, they keep themselves up to date with respect to travel allowances in terms of the weight and size of the luggage. So they offer some good suggestions based on the customer's preferences.


Most stores also carry an onboard luggage measuring scale like the ones at airports so that you can accurately judge the size and exact dimensions of the bag you wish to buy.


Our Tips...


·        Before visiting, brush up on the luggage guidelines of the airline you would be flying with. It makes shopping easier and cheaper.

·        Parking is a breeze. Besides, it is free.

·        The US trip disclosure may help in selecting the right bags. However, it also makes the prices less negotiable.

·        The bigger brands have limited discounts but offer better guarantees.

·        The exclusive stores for a certain brand have the best prices and the newest range on display.

·        Do ask for specific details on the guarantees as many pieces of luggage have separate guarantees for zippers, locks, material etc.

·        Bargain for the best deals on Indian or Chinese brands of luggage as they are sold with the best margins.

·        VIP offers the best value for money at all stores and has the most complete range available.

·        Do check the interiors of the bag thoroughly for any damage before buying.

·        Bags with locks built-in (especially combination) are always a better option for US or Europe trips because of compulsory unlocking due to security.

·        Hardbound fiberglass bags are not very heavy and are recommended for long and rough trips.

·        Do make sure the guarantee card is stamped and signed by the dealer before checking out. The guarantees are honored diligently.

·        Be careful and measure the size of the bags you are going to take onboard.

·        Visit anytime between 10 AM and 10 PM on weekdays. The luggage stores are closed on Sundays.

·        Last but not the least, have a good and safe trip.


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