Is Solar Genesis Effective?

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Before trying to figure out whether solar genesis would work, let's try to understand what solar genesis is all about. Simply said, solar genesis is a pulse light system that is used for treating pigmentation. The solar genesis is known to be a comfortable therapy that does not need any anaesthesia or gel.

The areas of your body that can be treated with solar genesis vary. Since it is a subtle form of treatment, even sensitive skin can be de-pigmatized thanks to this innovative method of cosmetic treatment. While hands, shoulders, face and chest stand out as the areas for which many people apply solar genesis for, virtually any area of your body should be able to go under solar genesis for treatment.

Apart from sun spots and age spots, solar genesis could treat freckles as well and it has been reported that both discrete and densely covered spots respond well to the treatment. As far as mechanics behind solar genesis is concerned, a visible light is delivered to selected spots which then become absorbed in to the pigmentations on the skin. As the light continues to be absorbed by the spot, the heating of the pigmented spot acts to release the therapeutic effect desired; which in turn reduces the spot.

If you have been in to other light therapies before, you may have experienced having to arrive at the cosmetic clinic an hour or so beforehand so that you get enough time to be absorbed in gel or anaesthetic. Thanks to the mild nature of solar genesis, no such pre-treatment procedure is necessary therefore, you save up on a lot of time and on the messiness too.

Many people are curious to find out whether solar genesis is painful. Although a lot of people report the procedure to be painless, not many people are willing to believe that.

Here's what exactly takes place. If you have ever done a Gold facial, you will know the procedure they use in order to apply the gold on your face. The same procedure is practiced here. You will be holding on to a hand piece while the light is being delivered. At this instance, you will feel a tingling, pinching like sensation but it is nothing close to pain or irritation.

You should also note that the pigmentation points may darken immediately after treatment. And at this point, many people claim that solar genesis does not work for them. But you need to be patient! Darkening of spots is a natural stage that follows. There is no need to panic about it. If you watch closely, you will notice that the darkness starts to subside after a few hours and in the next two or three weeks to follow, you will notice darkened skin fading or flaking off your skin.

Another typical question on solar genesis is whether there's a chance for the pigmentations to reappear. And luckily for all of you out there, the answer is 'no'. Of course it is possible for new spots to be formed, however rest assure that even those can be removed and completely eliminated through the same procedure you followed before. However, you need to know that not all spots can be treated. For example, birth marks and moles are out of scope for solar genesis treatment.

So to address our burning question, is solar genesis effective? The answer would be an absolute, definite YES!

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