"change" To What?

by A. Sanford - Date: 2010-03-14 - Word Count: 1100 Share This!

When the boys got together in the 1700's to put America together, they looked back at the littered landscape of empires that went the way of the dinosaurs, and wrote into the Constitution what they hoped would save the baby country from the evolutionary extinction that had destroyed all the others.

First off, no Democracy for the Republic. They did not trust that the people picked to run the store would not follow their baser instincts, and would create a system that would allow Direct Deposits into their individual Cash and Power accounts. So these clever devils put together a Republic, which, by its very structure, would leave almost all the power in the individual States to run their own affairs. No federal government concentration of power allowed.

Forming a Republic was a natural extension of how a State was perceived back then. When Good King George lost the Revolutionary War, he signed a separate peace treaty with each of the States with which he was at war, in the group called the United States of America. The word State was taken to mean a "separate country," or Sovereign State, a meaning that has changed in America to mean obeisance by each small geographic area to a larger geographic area, with headquarters in Washington, DC.

If the Founders had intended for all the States to be dumped into a melting pot, they would have called it The United State (singular) of America, but they didn't, and what they feared did come to pass, with Dishonest Abe Lincoln giving our Republic a huge shove over a cliff called the Civil War. What was left was a national "democratic" system with a strong central/federal government, which is defined in some circles as "where 51% of the people get to tell the other 49% what to do," and was one of the Founders worst fears.

Well, boys and girls, how does this affect us today, in America 2010? With the death of the glittering idea of Jefferson and Madison and Franklin that power in the country should be spread throughout the country, the two party system flourished. Grabbing the reins of power in the national capitol meant you controlled the entire country, not just your own State. The buffet table just got bigger, and the oinking of the pigs could be heard throughout the land.

So today we have two parties controlling America. They take turns at the buffet table every four or eight years, but things never get better for you or me, does it, and that's because these two parties are two sides of the same coin. It matters not which party is in power. You don't believe me? Think about this…if George Bush were in his 9th year as president, we'd be saying "Same old, same old," but that's exactly what we have. Same old same old. Almost every program running in 2008 is still running today, only bigger and faster. That's the change, and it's just a different guy running them. Every four years America flips a coin, gambling that it'll come up a winner for us all, but the game is rigged. Heads or tails, Americans lose and the System wins.

It is so in America as it is so in most of the world. The political system has been craftily put together over decades and centuries, not to make YOUR life better, but to put that System Candidate into a position of power. Do you think Josef Stalin or Hitler stayed loyal to their lower/middle class roots?

Let's try this as a first step towards regaining your personal freedom.

The first step begins when you finally realize that you've been born into a System that doesn't care whether you live or die, only that you pay taxes and believe that your elected rulers will give you many shiny goodies and make you safe forever, in a country that is the greatest that history has ever seen. They insinuate it into your head from Day One, so that most citizens think that they are making a choice when they vote for Candidate A or B, but you are always voting for a System Candidate, who was allowed to run because he has told the System Keepers that he won't change anything, and, "Oh, by the way, Candidate B, if you lose this time, I'll make sure the system is intact so you can get a shot at it the next election. You'll do the same for me, I'm sure."

Examine the sorry state of your own personal freedoms and financial situation. Examine the actions of politicians of both parties, in a country that has murdered a million people in Iraq, from 80 year olds to infants, as well as over 4,500 of our own young people dead, in a country that most never knew existed until they went there to die, or to have pieces of them blown off their bodies and the moral structure that Mom so carefully nurtured in them also blown to hell. Examine the System that is expanding the dying zone into Pakistan, and ramping up murder in Afghanistan, and if you agree with that, then vote for either Candidate A or B, and let them keep our country for themselves.

Keep your eye out, though, for a Candidate C who will someday come out of nowhere, but with roots going deep to 1776, and who will touch the truth that we are all born with, which They have taken away carefully and almost completely, leaving it lying barely breathing under the horrific weight of freedoms lost. Don't try to wake up from this nightmare. The Sun is already up, and you didn't notice, and you will have a hard time convincing yourself that you are in The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave, and you will wail, "Oh, no, not in America, not in MY America." Well, it hasn't been your America for a while, Sweetie. You just haven't noticed. It's been Their America for a long time now.

Candidate C will have to come as a sheep in wolves clothing, otherwise they won't let him or her get near the controls of power. But if you listen to that person carefully, really carefully, you will hear the code words, a fast glimpse, almost unseen, of a country and way of life that we all want to live with, and, more importantly, need to live in. Many will recognize the almost dead and silent call of liberty and justice for all. Get it? For all. Keep watching. It'll happen, and you will get to be a part of it.

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