What are screensavers?

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Before LCD screens became popular virtually all computer screens used cathode ray tubes, more commonly known as CRTs. Pictures and images on a CRT monitor are generated via electron beans which are emitted from electron guns at he rear of the tube and manipulated by electromagnetic fields to produce images line-by-line on the phosphorescent screen many times per second.

Most images displayed are moving but in some cases certain areas of the screen or in fewer cases the whole screen remain static. Examples of this could be the taskbar in Microsoft Windows or when people leave there computer to do something else,
in which case the whole screen could be static.

If the same image is displayed on a CRT screen for a long period of time the screen can get a 'ghost' or 'darkened shadow'.
This is because the properties of the exposed areas of phosphor coating on the inside of the screen gradually and permanently
change. Any devices that use CRT technology can suffer from this problem including televisions, oscilloscopes but also, to a
lesser extent, Plasma screens.

The purpose of screensavers are to prevent this problem from occurring. Screensavers are usually set-up to appear after a
certain amount of time if there has been no activity on the computer. All screensavers are a moving image of some kind, they
could be a slide show of pictures, a bouncing logo, or a full movie or animation. As long as the screensaver has a moving
image they will prevent any 'ghosting' or 'darkened shadows' from appearing because this prevents the phosphor coating on the
inside of screen from becoming static.

Screensavers are so common that they have become personal to users. You are now able to choose from thousands of styles
ranging from movies, celebrities and TV all the way through to hobbies, 3D and even making your own personalised screensaver.

Many sites on the internet have been set-up that specialise in providing screensavers for downloading and are usually broken
down in to different categories to make it easier to find the style of screensaver you are after. They are easy to install
and will help save your monitor from burn in damage, so grab yourself a screensaver today!

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