Toy Dog Breeds: Man's Best Friend

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Dogs are indeed cute and cuddly. They also serve as man's best friends. Nowadays, different dogs are making a scene everywhere. It is even a form of fashion for some celebrities.

A toy dog is actually a petite dog which is quite small when compared to working dogs. It is safe to determine toy dogs by their size although it is quite confusing since there is still no guaranteed facts which state that height and weight is considered in classifying a dog as a toy.

Some of the toy breeds are Pomeranian, Pug, Shih Tzu, Poodle, Papillion and the likes. These toy dogs are beautiful and charming and they also represent an important role in people's lives. Although they are small, they also have the capability to hunt and eliminate pest animals.

Some of these toy dogs also serve as man's guardians. They also bark at people whom they are not familiar with. They can be as tough as the other large dogs.

The most fascinating thing about toys dogs is their affective capability wherein they can fill the needs of sad and lonely individuals and the adults. They are also known for helping those that are in depressed state of mind through manifesting care and of course happiness. They also have impetuous instincts which help in providing all the friendship and as well as affection, and in turn gives new meaning to people's lives.

A legend states that when a noble Aztec was about to die, a Chihuahua is used as a sacrifice to transmigrate the sins of the noble man to the sacrificed dog, which in turn avoids the noble man from divine punishment. The Chinese religion, which is Buddhism, has a lion symbol meaning a sacred nation. They used the Pekinese dog to represent as lions because they have no lions back then and the Pekinese dogs have the closest resemblance to it.

There are lots of breeders of the toy dogs who keep their cute puppies for about ten to twelve weeks old rather selling or distributing them at about eight to nine weeks. They also consider the family before selling it. More often than not, they will not sell it to family with too many kids and even to those who has hyper active child.

Generally, toy dogs are very easy to take care of. There are some who needs heavy grooming such as the Shih-Tzu, Terrier and Pomeranian. The Toy Poodle, Japanese Chin and Toy Spaniel on the other hand require only a moderate grooming. While other toy dogs do not require any grooming at all.

The basic and most important thing to remember is to maintain the long and fine hairs free from tangles to prevent pain and other skin problems that your dog may acquire. You don't want to shell out big bucks of money for veterinary cost in the end, don't you?

The production of toy dogs is by mass production when compared to larger breeds. Some distributors can just put their little Chihuahuas on a shopping cart or chicken cage and they are easy to deliver when compared to the larger ones like the German shepherd. The downside of buying toy dogs in a pet shop is that most often than not they are quite difficult to house train.

There are some toy dog breeds that are crossbred to other breeds to produce a -poo dog breed. So for those consumers who want to buy a purebred toy dogs, beware of such -poo breeds. They look like the other toy dogs but then they differ in attitude sometimes. Some of these -poo dogs are ill-tempered, hyper and yappy.

Is it possible to train the toy dogs with regards to their attitude? Absolutely, yes! The best way to teach your toy dogs with manners is through obedience commands. You should teach your dog on how to obey such as for example, if he is about to do something bad or any inappropriate act, you should reprimand him with a firm NO!

By doing so, you're practicing the dog to acquaint himself from knowing what is okay to do from not. Your "no" should always catch his attention. But then remember also to acknowledge the good things that your toy dog will do. A simple saying of "good boy" with a piece of his favorite snack will do the trick.

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