Tips On How To Choose Bowling Lane

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Bowling used to be a popular game during King Henry VIIIs reign in England, but it originated in Egypt.

Today, bowling continues to be one of the most popular sports in the world with over 100 million people striking pins in each game because bowling is considered to be one of the easiest sports to play. Almost anyone can play the game.

Nevertheless, the simplicity of the game does not necessarily denote the minimalism in the details of the sport. Just like the other sport, bowling haw specifications that every bowler should know.

In the bowling center, the bowling lane is the most distinguishable area. Aside from its instant recognition, the bowling lane serves as the primary area where the bowler displays his or her skills and delivers the best shot he or she can make.

It is also important that the player knows the details of the bowling lane in order to come up with a strategy that would enable him/her to hit the pins.

The concept of choosing the lane is not so much on preference per se, but more on the familiarity of the player with the lane he or she is going to use because if the bowler knows or is familiar with the bowling lane that he will choose, it would be easier for him to locate the "strike line" and deliver more strikes or spares.

Experts contend that the composition of every adjustment, strike, or spare system is established within the dimensions of the bowling lane.

Bowlers who are not yet familiar with the lane dimensions and who do not know how to choose the best strategy that is appropriate for the bowling lane he will use, will find the following tips useful:

1. The general length of a bowling lane, as set by the regulations committee, is 62 feet and 10 3/16th inches. This measurement is only from the foul line up to the pit or the area at the end of the lane ahead of the pin deck. This does not include the tail plank.

2. The length of the lane from the foul line to the area where the pins are standing is 60 feet. Knowing this measurement and calculating the distance accurately can really make a big difference in a bowler's performance.

Therefore, whether bowlers aim for a strike or a spare, it is important to know the dimensions of the bowling lane to avoid lane hazards.

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