The Grind Of Buying A Coffee Grinder

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Buying a good coffee grinder is one of the most important things you can do to enjoy a great cup of coffee every day in your life. Yes, the greatness of your coffee can be identified based on the quality of the ground coffee. It is often said that coffee beans that are not finely grounded won't yield great results. So it is then best to invest on a high quality coffee grinder that is capable enough of giving you the best in flavor and aroma coffee.

However, before you run to the market to find the best one, note that coffee grinders now come in a number of types. Each type boasts certain features that are unique from the others. The grinders also vary in sizes, color and shape, as well as in price. So it is best to think first of what you really want from a coffee grinder before you run and spent hours searching for the right one. Do your homework first and make your decision based on what you've learned about the different types of coffee grinder.

To further help you in making your decision, I have mentioned below some information about the two most popular types of coffee grinder: the burr grinders and the blade grinders. Also stressed below are the advantages and disadvantages of each type, making the following information truly worth reading.

Burr Grinders

The burr grinders are in the first place the most recommended type of coffee grinder. Well, the reason for this strong preference is that burr grinders are capable of grinding the coffee beans until they reach their finest state. This type works basically to grind the beans by crushing them between a grinding wheel and a stationary grind surface. It is due to this basic function that burr grinders are deemed capable of crushing coffee beans with better grinding consistency. What's more, this tool produces a lesser degree of burning the beans.

However, the downside of burr coffee grinder is that it makes more noise than its counterpart, the blade one. Also, since the grinding wheel is spinning at a very high speed, it is highly possible for this type to cause the so-called grinder chute to clog, which often happens with the flavored and oily coffee beans.

Blade Grinders

The blade coffee grinders are by far the least expensive type. The strength of this coffee grinder is that it is easy to clean and maintain. Also, most of the blade grinders fit well with different types of brewers. And, since it is marketed with the least price, the blade coffee grinder is no doubt best for those who are conscious with their budget.

The disadvantage of using this type is that the ground beans processed from this tool often lacks consistency in size. The problem actually lies on the fact that it just chops the beans randomly. Larger pieces mixed with the small ones are then evident. Aside from that, the blade coffee grinders tend to burn the coffee because of the higher level of heat it creates during the process.

Well, both types now come with a timer. What's best about this timer is that it helps you to control the grinding. And, it gives you the chance to crush just enough amounts of coffee beans to meet your needs.

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